Oct 2

Yeah, while the timing would be expedient for Trump to distract from all the dumpster fires raging around him, there are now too many high profile. people involved for a conspiracy.

Aug 19

I abandon so many exercise routines that I went for the nuclear option while on leave. I got a big rambunctious dog that needs to be exercised daily and started dance classes given by my friend, who I’m a little scared of (not as a pal, but as a teacher she has high expectations). Going back to work I know I’ll have Read more

Aug 11

My good friend is a pretty well known choreographer. She has had an uptick of kids who audition for her advanced classes, thinking they are experts because of Tik Tok. She has to explain that dance consists of a lot more than memorizing 15 seconds of moves. 

Jul 22

If your wife is a teacher, seeing theft of a cell phone as a reason for detention must have given her pause. I teach in a middle class suburb in Canada and kids get their cell phones stolen every other week. We even have parents sign a disclaimer that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic Read more

Jul 9

Other news outlets are reporting that the toddler said they got out of the water, then she jumped back in to swim. The poor little baby.