Mallory McMorrow
Jun 8 2018

“That’s contingent on Elio Motors’ effort to raise funding by launching its own cryptocurrency, the ElioCoin.”

So were they inspired by that episode of Silicon Valley or did Elio inspire the show? #chickenoregg

Jun 15 2017

Thank god. I’m so tired of seeing the media ignore affluent young men. WHO WILL GIVE THEM A VOICE.

Alternate press release: “Automobile: now for young guys who AREN’T dying.”

Dec 19 2016

Fun fact - Hot Wheels designers often come from Art Center. So ya know, depends on what your career goals are.

Aug 3 2016

AND THAT’S WHY THEY TOOK BARB. The demagorgs (sp?) didn’t appreciate her high-falutin’ attitude thinking she could show off her time traveling skills by rubbing her car in everyone’s faces. So they snatched her. And ate her. Read more

Apr 21 2016

I lived in Hermosa for years. One year, friends and I woke up at the crack of dawn to claim one of the volleyball courts for the 4th, set up a bunch of tables, coolers, food and chairs. We had tournament-style games going all day. Then a lovely clearly-out-of-towner gentleman stumbled through our court in the middle Read more

Apr 20 2016

Well, the downsides you list are fairly par for the course for any motorsport (or hell, any fair, festival, or 4th of July in Hermosa Beach). But you definitely have to make a weekend of it if you can. I used to go with Hot Wheels co-workers every year and it was so much damn fun. Find a way into a brunch or lunch Read more

Jan 27 2016

For EXACTLY this reason. Good design is all about balance. You don’t want a crazy car color (which is largely permanent without shelling out large sums of money) that also has crazy-colored wheels. This is why the concept looks so damn good - predominantly neutral with a striking pop of color. Stick with a neutral Read more

Jan 21 2016

See, now I wish we’d had these trikes when I was at Notre Dame, and we could have had ice trike races on that rink. Or really anywhere in South Bend. It gets really really really f’ing cold and icy there.

(PS Tire Rack, if you build the ice trikes, people will buy them.)

Sep 10 2015

I really really desperately wanted to like Motor City Masters. Sure, it’s just a car design version of Project Runway - but Project Runway is GOOD, a multiple-Emmy and Peabody winning gem of a reality show, and has been since it launched in 2004. It features legitimate designers, real challenges, A-list guest judges Read more

Sep 8 2015

I still like to claim “ah shit guys the WiFi was broken on my flight.” Eventually people might catch on, but for now, I’ll savor my precious reading/napping/movie watching/not working time.

Aug 11 2015

I recently saw this in the wild, just sitting in a parking lot off the 405 as I drove by. And then I vom’d all over my dash.