9/27/18 9:53PM

These guys may be the only team defeated by the Magic all year. 

9/27/18 9:02PM

“That’s a cool trick, Anna. But let me show you how to make a first round pick disappear.” -Vlade Divac

9/27/18 8:59PM

Speaking of fucked up things, who the hell sound checked those mics? 

9/24/18 12:44PM

Evidence suggests I just farted at my desk. Can you prove it with science? Perhaps not...but my coworkers’ reactions are pretty good indicators.

9/24/18 11:22AM

For being an atheist, you sure have a limited grasp on how conclusions are made in science. The only type of facts that exist anywhere are the "evidence indicates" type. Read more

9/24/18 11:17AM

You can’t directly see magnetic field lines, either, but we can measure the effects of a magnetic field. You can’t see the warping of spacetime by massive objects, but you experience the effects of that warping as gravity. Read more

9/13/18 1:05AM

Boston’s version of Peter Parker, over here, almost stopped the bat with the beer web. 

9/08/18 4:55PM

The first solution should be NFL players getting together and forming some sort of union. They could call it something like the NFL Players Association, and use it to represent them collectively in setting terms with owners. This current system where they just let owners run wild all over them just won’t cut it!

9/06/18 2:07PM

Yeah, who knew one of the most popular musicians in the world had fans?

9/06/18 12:57PM

As a teenage dirtbag I was obsessed with the Marshal Mathers LP and I don’t remember the antisemitism but I wouldn’t doubt it. Read more

9/06/18 12:33PM

Counterpoint: In comparison with post TES Eminem and some of his worst albums (Recovery, Revival etc), Kamikaze is Very Good

9/04/18 2:47PM

This.  Even if you really don’t care about getting with that person again there is absolutely no way your current or future significant other wants to spend time with someone you used to fuck.

9/04/18 2:30PM

Trevor Noah once joked that Oregon’s minority population is dictated by whether the Blazers are home or away. It’s pretty much true. Though we do have a pretty strong Asian population in Portland.