10/28/18 11:17AM

As tribute, Blake Bortles is currently crasing and burning in London.

10/24/18 7:20AM

Pretty sure "hopeless Cam Talbot"  will be the name of the Oilers' 2018-19 season montage. 

10/07/18 8:00AM

Really crazy to think that a sport built on teeing off of each other and posturing could foster such a violent outburst when emotions run high.

10/02/18 10:29PM

How are Super Bowl commercials still considered popular enough to warrant any of this?

9/27/18 10:22PM

The most amazing thing about that video is seeing no one has convinced Koufos to just shave his head. 

9/26/18 10:22PM

Is this really surprising to anyone? They’re a major shoe corporation that saw an opportunity and took it. Had Kaep been signed to Adidas, they would have done it too.

9/23/18 7:52PM

I know that eventually it will all come crashing down like a battering ram into my genitals, but it sure is fun now.

9/09/18 10:27PM

While I wouldn’t count this out, it’s also possible that Gruden just thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and stuck his own dick up his ass. 

9/09/18 5:09PM

Only tangentially related but, as a Chiefs fan, Mahomes' arm and decision making are going to create quite the ride.

9/09/18 12:56PM

Have you seen the status of Buffalo's o-line? Having to play could very well be his punishment. 

9/03/18 2:57PM

When this argument is made, people always fail to bring up the fact that the Bills gave up a bazillion points in three weeks near the middle of the season. Had the defense shown up for one of those, Buffalo would have gotten i with room to spare. Same deal with Peterman getting the nod.