Dec 6 2017

Yeah, these companies are going to play this game. It isn’t going to be on the fire stick, atleast in the foreseeable future. I would think that maaaaaaybe overall stick users are an ok percentage of how people access, but not as large as you’re thinking. None of these devices are in the late majority stage of tech Read more

Nov 13 2017

yeah sorry to all you frickin conspiracy theory losers but I had an Australian roommate who looked JUST like Amelia Earhart and so did her mom and I was like “omg [name withheld] you look JUST LIKE our first lady of the sky, where is your family from” and she was like, “well my dad’s family is from Scotland” and I was Read more

Nov 9 2017

I’m kinda sideeyeing that you’re saying that the person who made the best point on why you should not opine on women’s issues was a man. I know you mean it with the very best of intentions, but it’s really rubbing me the wrong way.
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Nov 9 2017

I get where your coming from and have the same concern, but I also don’t have an issue with claiming this particular fetus among the official death count. Not because I believe in what the state of Texas is doing here (asserting their pro-life agenda), but because the mother obviously wanted this baby. To deny her, Read more

Nov 9 2017

I’m going to echo Quasi Hatrack - this is not for those of us without uteruses to decide. Don’t stick your head in to this discussion because it’s just another man telling a woman what her body is or isn’t. Just.. stop.

Nov 7 2017

Then get progressive people on the fucking ballot in the first place. I’m sick of this shit. Those people had two major candidates to choose from, and the more liberal of the two won. That’s who was there. One of those people was going to be governor. To get progressives on the ballot for something like a governor Read more

Nov 6 2017

So I want to be aware and critical of Russian involvement, but I also don’t want to be on some fearmongering train where every Russian financial involvement in anything is automatically a political plot. People from one country investing in a company from another is not in and of itself nefarious. Read more

Oct 27 2017

I’m guessing it was in the police files about the case. From what I’ve read, they found her because the police who had originally investigated her disappearance (the sheriff’s office, I mean, not the specific officers) had been contacted about some unidentified remains that matched her general description.

And that Read more

Oct 12 2017

Every year I tell myself not to read the Jezebel scary stories because they mess me up. And every year I do not listen to my own advice. I read the stories. Read more

Oct 7 2017

I’m thinking zombies. I’ve never seen a zombie movie where the corpses swam ashore from the ocean, but I feel like it would be interesting.

Sep 27 2017

I hate that! Like, yes, I’m glad I got to eat that Wonderful Thing. But, also angry that I can never Wonderful Thing again without difficulty.

Sep 27 2017

That sounds about the going rate for an ice cream cone these days.

Sep 15 2017

I’m generally disgusted by use of the confederate flag. In this case, however, I think if you read it in the context of the rest of the imagery on the album it’s being used in the context of reconciliation after a horrible civil war in which brother killed brother. With the idea the music can bring us together. “Music

Sep 12 2017

I totally believe it is a staffer; it is likely something where a staffer forgot to sign out of the main account or thought they were signed into their personal account and liked it or accidentally liked it. That’s a completely reasonable scenario, especially since political figures and celebrities often don’t Read more

Sep 6 2017

I will preface this by saying I’m a Yankees fan, but God, the Boston sports fans are some of the most whiny, aggrieved fans I’ve ever encountered (I lived in Boston for 4 years). They act like they’re so put upon, despite the fact that Boston sports teams are consistently good. And the whining about how rich the Read more

Sep 1 2017

While your broader point is a good one, antifas aren’t just anyone who is against fascism. They are a loosely organized movement that espouses direct action, including violent action, against fascism, Nazism and white supremacy. Most of their members are anarchists and many are communists. Also the name is historic, Read more