I *clap* HATE *clap* HER *clap* SO *clap* MUCH *clap*. Read more

One of my cats does this on the chenille pillowcase that is on the pillow next to me in my bed.  It is also the pillow that one of the dogs likes to cuddle next to, so the cat sleeps up on top of the pillow and does his nursing thing while facing me.  On one occasion, he shifted his attention to the crown of my head Read more

I also use mayo in my mashed potatoes. Specifically, Dukes Mayonnaise. And I also use the butter. I’m southern. It’s what we do. Read more

Isn’t that the same dress Kendall wore to a wedding? Read more

I saw the Billy Joel/Elton John tour and they close the show with dueling pianos playing “Piano Man”.  I will forever get goosebumps when I hear that song.  Read more

It also might as well be called the Best Publicist Alive award. He has a movie coming out. He’s also incredibly sexy, but still... Read more

It’s even more glaring when you consider that the 1994 photo is of a person with an eating disorder.   Read more

I would like to join this club. Read more

I would also like to ba-dum his bum.  Read more

Oof. Taking this into consideration, along with what I know of Yolanda from her days as a housewife, it makes me wonder if she didn’t deliberately go into the house, knowing GiGi wasn’t there, to start a fight with him. If there was violence, by either party, then obviously that’s wrong. But I can also totally see her Read more

I’m still grateful that my younger self was smart enough to understand that, for me, all of the work that goes into a satisfying healthy relationship isn’t worth it for me.   Read more

Yeah, I assume this article is entirely tongue in cheek, but I will defend KS’s performance in Still Alice until my dying breath. That movie was devastating and she was a big part of the devastation. Read more

I’ve never been a fan of Lana Del Rey, but I do like that song.   Read more

I’ve spent all of my adulthood being so happy that I didn’t have to be a teenager in the time of social media and camera phones. Being a celebrity just levels that up a million times.   The worst thing I ever had to worry about was running into a cousin at a drunken bonfire in the woods or at a bar in the college town Read more

Does this make her a snowflake? It does, right? Am I right? Read more

I used to work for an attorney that practiced bankruptcy. There were two kinds of bankruptcy clients. One, the assholes that hid all their assets (not in a figurative sense, like moving money in bank a literal sense, like hiding vehicles and reporting them stolen). The second type were the people you Read more

Thinking all the good thoughts for you.   Read more

For the life of me, I can’t imagine why anyone who left a first impression of ‘smells like weed’ would ever have a chance to make a second impression.   Read more

I don’t even hate his as much as some of the other ‘heavily’ tattooed young’ns out there. Like Miley Cyrus is the first one that comes to mind. They look like they fell asleep and a 3 year-old took an ink pen to them. I hate it when they say, “Oh...I have 87 tattoos!” No you don’t. You have a bunch of scribble Read more

This is how you can tell which one of us has a baby.  Your immediate thought was injuring the baby. My immediate thought was all the shit you’d get under the nails.    Read more