Mage Wage
Jun 1

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

Roger that, but the FAO is awaiting an answer on the shirts you wear, over.

May 29

That’s some creative cartography CBP pulled off there.

But by that linked map, loitering/surveying around a point 2 standard miles out of there own zone is still 2 standard miles too far. From 20,000 ft they could have seen whatever they where pointing their cameras at from within their own mandated zone easily.  Read more

May 9

“Yousa goen tabe okeyday Mercootioo, Mesa bring da leeches.” 

Apr 3

Not with Marines, but with an Army of “Ones”, Tens, Twenties, Hundreds...

Dec 12

it “would be irrational to assume that unguent cones did not have a scent or that their function wasn’t to perfume its wearer,” pointing to ancient Egyptian artworks depicting zigzagged lines emanating from the cones, perhaps to suggest the presence of an odor. Read more