Madwoman in the Attic
Aug 13

She has an almost identical voting record as Warren.  That’s not centrism at all.

Aug 13

The other thing is, so far Biden is winning.  There’s no point in picking a hail mary VP slot like McCain did in 08.  Harris isn’t a boring pick either.

Aug 12

I completely agree and feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Harris has one of the most progressive voting records in the senate; she’s more progressive than Tammy Duckworth, who many progressives say they’d be excited for. As an AG, she was more progressive than many other of her contemporaries and got pushback for Read more

Aug 12

Okay THANK YOU, so much progressive victimhood narrative here. Anyone who thinks that progressives have been ignored and are “persona non grata” in the democratic party is either unaware of or willfully ignoring the (very good!) changes in the party platform and positions since 2016.
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Aug 12

Thank you! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the comments here given the demographics of GT, but my goodness it’s upsetting. One of the most progressive senators currently, but since Sen. Harris isn’t the right person, she’s just not progressive at all, I guess. Read more

Aug 11

People were yelling about him already calling her “nasty”, because he is stupid and racist and his vocabulary is limited, and I was like “Isn’t that the demeanor the prosecutor is SUPPOSED to adapt toward the criminals?” Read more

May 25

They’re taking Jia at her word instead of doing the research. We had this discussion about Jia and the Jezebel girls on clashtalk last summer, how the media pool in NY is made up of bloggers who failed upward when the flip from traditional media to new media happened. A decade later, all of these people and the Read more

May 25

All of the people- Jill Filipovic in particular- who came running to support her on twitter got major side eye from me. All middle class white media personalities, of course