Nov 13

I can confirm that our goal is absolutely a full-blown matriarchy. First we gain the presidency, then we start oppressing the men.

We start passing laws on what elective medical procedures they can have to erode their bodily autonomy, pay them less so they’re more dependent on us, only test medication on women so it’s  Read more

Nov 12

They’re putzes, schmendricks (esp Jared), schmekels, schmucks, shlemiels, fercockt, khazers, and I don’t like them, either.

Oct 27

Can we do away with the phrase “working moms”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to “working dads”.
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Oct 24

I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but that exact thing is a joke in the “Black Books” episode where Bernard turns his book store into a restaurant to one-up the competing book store’s cafe.

Oct 20

Everyone loves the “In the Air Tonight” drum break, but I think the one in “I Don’t Care Anymore” is much more of a banger. I think it would have been great if THAT came out after everything else and signaled some kind of new dark direction for Phil.

Oct 20

“In fairness to Mr. Melon... he did write us a pretty big check.- Dean (David) Martin, Grand Lakes University

Oct 4

Trump gets whatever he wants because he will badger the fuck out of people, whining, threatening, complaining, yelling, and he simply wears people out. I grew up with someone like this, and and it’s upsetting, exhausting, and also horrific.

Sep 17

7 Billion.  Or enough to trade in for one plastic spider ring, 3 individual pieces of Laffy Taffy, and an Incredible Hulk rub-on tattoo.