yup. i watched through my fingers
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but i cant watch things where they kill dogs...  Read more

Having grown up in the Central Valley (where everything not in the Farm Bill is grown the US) of California, I CANNOT wait for Nunes to be AOCed by some young dynamic engaged person. Nunes’ family sold their dairy ranch in 2007 and moved it to Steve King’s (Too Racist for the GOP) district in Iowa and Nunes has not Read more

Anyone can write all the memos they want to the AG, they still carry no actual legal weight. It’s silly showmanship for the Faux crowd. Read more

It’s nothing, it’s basically Nunes memo 2.0. Dumbass histrionics to give right wing press fodder for writing stories/op-eds about “criminality” in the Trump investigation, but hold as much water as a sieve. Read more

Children are not vaccinated at birth. Unvaccinated children pose a risk to all infants who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. For some diseases they may be three years old before they get a vaccination. There are a significant number of people who cannot be vaccinated because of health issues. There are a Read more

You conveniently forget those who cannot get vaccinated for mediacal reasons, and depend on herd immunity. Read more

Not really. Rubella contracted by an uunvaccinated pregnant woman is extremely dangerous. If the baby lives it is likely to have devastating birth defects. Read more

In fact, it’s worse than that. Given that there is no link between vaccines and autism, it’s like if some kooks decided that chopping off their children’s pinky toes protected them from the boogyman, and their reasoning was they’d rather have 8 toed children than have them eaten by monsters. They are not faced with a Read more

Anti-vaxxers are a literal plague on society.
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There are some painfully deep wells of insecurity in this comments section. Read more

It would seem some of the guys in this chain caught wind of this article and have joined us in the comments to give us their takes. I’m sorry I mean regular ol people who are just tired of these dam womenz and their fee fees. Read more

Jesus christ! This crap just never ends. We get it. You just want to be a jerk to people and not face any repercussions. You’re all victims. Blah blah blah. Read more

What use are a “Chief People Officer” or “Chief Diversity Officer” if this shit is happening under their nose and they have no idea. It’s almost like these executives are collecting massive paychecks without serving any purpose and only exist so a company can say they have one. Weird! Read more


Fuck him indeed. If he had polio as a child and has worked tirelessly to deprive others of health care, he deserves to burn. If he had polio as a child and refuses to denounce anti-vaxxers like his president, he deserves to burn. If he had polio as a child ... Read more

Which just means he shouldn’t be doing things like repealing attempts at national healthcare. Read more

Nah, fuck him. You get disability sympathy when you aren’t trying to turn America into Gilead But Less Humane. Read more