Jan 29

I used to work for a major tech company. During my time there, I saw multiple variations of: Major position opens up => Company interviews dozens of internal candidates => Instead of promoting internally, Company hires someone who used to work for Burger King corporate and has NO experience relevant to the job they Read more

Jan 28

Once you get the exploding arrow ability, pretty early in the game, you never need an oil jar again. 

Jan 27

Happy to see RT getting some big press. His streams and stream highlights on youtube have given me a lot of enjoyment. 

Nov 20

So the thing about mocking flat earthers. I was watching a couple of clips from the web show “All Gas and No Brakes”, where the host goes into all sorts of esoteric groups and interviews the members. Read more

Nov 19

I’ve been doing this on small scales. I’ll spend a few to de-fog an area, reclaim them, and then spend a few in another direction to de-fog that area.  I haven’t done the whole tree though.

Nov 19

This didnt carry over for me when i restarted. 

Sep 23

That’s good. Maybe I’ll update it and give it a shot... though I feel like this is the third time I’ve said that.

Sep 23

You do realize that just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make the game “potential wasted”, right?

Sep 23

Wow. Are there still people left in the “but they lied” crowd at this point?

Aug 6

Everything you say... Seems to be missing Aeon Must Die. I assume because of a certain Tweet... Nevermind, there’s a little link. But apparently the devs got done dirty.
Read more

Jul 3

If she hadn’t been carrying a gun, she wouldn’t have reached for a gun to solve a dispute. Guns don’t make anything better, they make people’s bad moments worse.

May 22

Yeah, the lack of Cowboy Bebop makes this list quite suspect. The show has held up and I can usually sell people with the line “Did you like Firefly? Firefly basically stole its entire concept from Cowboy Bebop.”

Apr 16

Well I guess now all I have left to read around here is the root and the occasional io9 article, fuck the herb man, just fuck him.