Matt Sayer
11:07 PM

Ah, yeah, I think most things run very well for me right off the bat. That’s likely the difference between the 970 and 980Ti though. I usually set everything to ultra and eight out of 10 times it is fine. For instance, Rust needed some dialing back but Rust is extremely variable in performance and just poorly Read more

5:50 AM

I’m glad you enjoy the screenshots. I leave Fraps running while I play and it just grabs screens every 10 seconds. There are way more bad screenshots than good, it takes a while to go through them. :)

12:34 AM

Yeah, I played a little Dying Light on Normal since it was deemed to be more flowing for Twitch...but I thought it was way too easy. The new Nightmare mode sounds very cool though...I think I might start with that. I’m glad to hear it is hard. :)

2:02 AM

Yeah, it isn’t so much the HUD that bothers me, though HUD-less games are a thing of beauty. In Far Cry 4 it is the tagging that I have the most objection to. It seems just unfair that I know where everyone is all the time. The weirder part is that there is a syringe mechanic in the game that gives a similar tagging Read more

2:19 AM

It’s weird—if I had access to a gaming PC back then, my gaming habits might totally be different. I might be more into multiplayer shooters, MMO’s, etc., I’d probably be a PC master race dude and own no consoles and be totally uninterested in indie games or story-driven games... Read more

12:38 AM

The elevator is both brilliant and frustrating. It motivated me to keep playing but felt occasionally unfair. The guy requires specific items one floor at a time. For the level 2 shortcut I think he wants around 8 Boss Bucks (or whatever), then like 80 gold, then a flawless boss fight on the first floor (you always Read more

10:46 AM

I’m the same way. If you skipped Enter the Gungeon when it came out I’d give that a go too. Between weapon unlocks and getting the elevator working I felt it had a strong sense of pace. I will note that I love bullet-hell stuff so if that’s not your thing just ignore me. I am going to have to check Risk of Rain out Read more

3:29 AM

SNK put in a lot of great detail in these stages. When compared to say the Street Fighter or MK series.

11:12 AM

I can’t really think of anything else, so I’ll just talk about a game I think is underrated: Resident Evil 6. I really enjoyed this one. It had some of the best graphics of the last generation and it was fun to play with a friend. There were a couple of QTEs that really annoyed me, but my overall experience with the Read more