I’m dying. Dying--that’s horrid and entertaining. Read more

Why is everyone so quick to jump on this poor boy?! I bet he can barely even enjoy steak like he used to after this horrible ordeal. And his mom just can’t hang any new pictures on her walls, she’s so distraught. Read more

Most judges are appointed, with some states electing a portion of them. It varies by state. Read more

This is the second draft—he Articles of Confederation were worse! Read more

Never unseeing that. But still educational! Read more

But being grossed out by a baby eating is your problem, not the baby/mom’s, so you can and should leave the situation if you are uncomfortable. Read more

Babies aren't the most predictable—and no one is more irritated when the baby they just fed is hungry than the mom who has to feed it again! Read more

But why should a baby and mom need to go into the bathroom for the baby to eat? Read more

Sooooooo true!!!!!!!! I’m beyond grateful that my school prohibits strongly scented products. I'll take the stanky pits over Axe any day. Read more

No gun-access does reduce suicides—the impulsive kind. Someone who is going to make a meticulous plan may plan around it—but the idea that anyone who might kill themselves with a gun will likely find another way is innacurate. Read more

I'm also a teacher at a private school where any shit like this would get shut the fuck down. Read more

How horrible! I chaperoned a school field with kindergarteners today—-and my main goal (after making sure no one disappeared) was keeping an eye on if everyone involved in games was enjoying said games—and if someone wasn’t, things needed to STOP. Thankfully, the dreamboat K teacher is totally the same way—it’s just Read more

To be fair to him—-that may be how it’s taught in Texas schools. Read more

I went to a fancy-pants private school that was predominantly white (me included). We NEVER TALKED ABOUT RACE or culture, and everyone was de facto supposed to play by the upper class rules, and teasing/bullying of those who didn’t fit in (house too small, clothes not the right brand, etc.) was the norm. The school Read more

Stephen King amends manuscript idea to be about a demonic playground that lynches entitled white children to revenge what has happened before.... Read more

CLAPS FOR YOU! Awful that you had to do that—but good for you for doing it! Read more

I heard that the boy who tripped her for sport is a really great swimmer! (not really—but same idea) Read more

Totally agree—-there would HAVE to be a pattern of harassment/bullying for all of the kids to just leave her on the ground. The kids are either in on it, scared to intervene, or just totally numb to how mistreated this kid is. Awful. Read more