Aug 6 2019

Yes exactly.  “Sedan shaped X3M”...GTFO with that misleading nonsense

Apr 23 2019

Sooo right. And I love Ferrari. I raced in the 348 Challenge and loved that car. But I bet at least 4 cars caught fire per year. It does make me really happy to see that design get so much love in these comments.

Feb 28 2018

Learn to plug a flat and keep an 8 dollar tire plug kit in your car. I can’t even guess how many times it’s come in handy for both myself and helping others.

Feb 21 2018

A Nissan GT-R on RE070R2s will get you through hundreds of yards of farmland, deep mud ruts, and bog like a god damn M1 Abrams when there’s a flash flood and you need to get home to your poor scared doggo.

Feb 18 2018

we dont have everyone agreeing that the earth is a sphere, i wouldn’t hold my breath about the relationship of torque and horsepower

Jan 8 2018

That does look good, but would not expect it in a Jag. Looks very German, like Dieter Rams inspired.

Jan 8 2018

The new Jag XJ has an option to set the screen for like “minimalist” view or something, it’s the best thing ever.

Dec 9 2017

It’s been over 23 years and it’s still too soon for a joke like that :(