The gladiator-esque red one is actually a beautiful thing- I think wheelbase needs to be a bit longer though- rear overhang is huuuge. Read more

hate to come back from a long comment hiatus just to say this but man, this is a bad headline

it’s 2018 dude, you can’t say that

Sound #12, V8? Cross-plane rumble? Maybe #5 also? This is hard. Read more

If you want to know true pain, be a 19 year old college bro in 2010 trying to insure a brand new GT-R. My insurance and my car payment were basically the same.

I’m pretty sure the LED unit for my CLS63 was like...3k+

Learn to plug a flat and keep an 8 dollar tire plug kit in your car. I can’t even guess how many times it’s come in handy for both myself and helping others.

A Nissan GT-R on RE070R2s will get you through hundreds of yards of farmland, deep mud ruts, and bog like a god damn M1 Abrams when there’s a flash flood and you need to get home to your poor scared doggo.

The new Jag XJ has an option to set the screen for like “minimalist” view or something, it’s the best thing ever.

I’d pay good money to not have that color on my Porsche

But was it a contrivance though? How contrived was the contrivination of the contrivatory contrivance?

Wordsworth, Emerson, CTS-V, names that must be uttered in the same breath.