Jul 4 2019

This place isn’t as great as you’d like to believe it is.  I've traveled the world, too. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of foreign lands. And I learned how naive it is to think we're the greatest country in the world. We're not, we're just better at hiding our ugliness. Or we were, until Trump came into Read more

Jul 4 2019

Cruelty towards people of color is as American as fireworks and a bbq on the Forth of July.

Jun 8 2019

I said Clinton jokes. People were clowning him for affairs and smoking weed in 1991 LONG before Lewinsky

May 23 2019

If you know anything about music history, you’d know that the roots of country music are African and American Indian and Celt. (The banjo is based on an African gourd instrument.)

Almost all American music has Black/African DNA

May 23 2019

Bad news, morons: you need to start boycotting Cinch jeans, too.

May 16 2019

This does not get mentioned enough. It’s also one of the great examples of why I just laugh/shake my head/cry when (white) people try and claim something isn’t about race. Everything is about race, in some fashion, because this is America, and racism is the country’s original sin.

May 16 2019

They will be singing a different tune when it happens to them or their loved ones. I went to a Catholic college (and I lived to tell the tale). The go to was always abortion. Although this is only anecdotal, I can’t tell you how many times the never abortionists did 180's when they got someone pregnant. All poor women Read more

May 14 2019

So the pro-lifers will demand the death penalty for the killing of an “unborn child”, right? They’ll also ban guns as a surgical instrument used in abortions, right?

May 10 2019

I have very mixed feelings about the work of Quentin Tarantino and I absolutely hated the Hateful 8 but the one brilliant part of that movie to me was the (fake) letter from Lincoln Sam Jackson’s character carries everywhere so white people would think twice about killing him. That shit resonated with me.

Michael I Read more

May 4 2019

Crazy that's 7 times what Philando's family got and with a guilty verdict to boot. Wonder what makes this different? 🤔

May 4 2019

How is being arrested, jailed, and going through two years of hell for something you didn’t do “getting it right”? Getting it right would be “was pulled over for a broken taillight, given a citation to get it fixed in 10 days, and sent on his way”. Read more

May 3 2019

Your point has some merit but the underlying facet of racism/white supremacy is the fear of genetic annihilation. Period. Folk can dress up the context of economics or job opportunities or whatever - the bottom line is always fear of being genetically wiped off the planet. It is the rationale of removing the genitalia Read more

May 2 2019

Farrakhan is much like Pat Buchanan: has a good grasp of history, says dangerous things, has right-wing answers. Read more

May 1 2019

I think the question is less the merge and more the murder v. manslaughter of it all.