Luke's Dad Sold His 2000TL To Get a Sienna
10:36 PM

Was in a very similar situation to you at my last job where I (but instead someone very not qualified) had to spec out a server for our new Sage MAS installation. Was really pushing for an Epyc server but my supervisor was determined to only choose from Dell servers. Read more

11:16 PM

If anything, he is definitely 100% Oppo. Quirky Color, Non-Mainstream Engine Choice, BRITISH. He doesn’t want to be able to see his identical car on his daily commute. And all the respect to that.

3:13 PM

I can totally see why dealers do not want to do that dash replacement though. Took our GX in a few months ago and I came back with the entire center console misaligned during reinstallation and they didn’t tell me they cracked one of the airvent wood trim pieces (and completely destroyed another one that they had to Read more

11:09 PM

I’ve driven my friend’s RAV4 V6 when I was in college. It truly is quite a car. Since then, her parents also picked up another V6 RAV4 but hers got totaled in a hailstorm recently in Midland and we were talking about what to replace it with. Read more

10:05 AM

I’m actually from here HAHA. Just went out of state to Tulsa for school (to study petroleum engineering unfortunately with the current oil prices.) I was going to be back here temporarily but the place that I interned at gave me a full time offer to be IT/Analyst. Read more

2:21 PM

Yep, (although I’m a night pooper compared to morning poop time). I’m in the kind of position to purchase my first car now and I’m currently very conflicted between picking something I want (Lexus NX/RX/GX/LX) and something that makes sense (Toyota Avalon/Honda Accord).