I made one flash “TIME EXTENDED” so drivers knew to keep going for the next checkpoint. Read more

Why Buy a 1991 Geo Metro When You Can Get a BMW i8 Instead?

There are many reasons, the largest of which is that I would feel inadequate next to people with V-16 Miatas. Read more

I think perhaps what you’re missing here, Doug, is the fact that if someone is in the $3,500 market, it’s safe to assume they don’t have much money. And if they don’t have much money, it’s safe to assume they can’t afford to pour another $1,500/yr into the car they just purchased to keep it running. And if they can’t Read more

They’d just cut holes in the floor and crawl out. Read more

Ahh, the internet. Without it, I think Microsoft Excel would have failed as a product, its use is so opaque. When is it a comma and when is it a colon, and more importantly, in 2015 WHY DO I HAVE TO FUCKING KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! Read more

yet another preventable tragedy

At least you didn’t encounter an overeager driver with a yellow RX7. Read more

Yep, you are at a racetrack/racing event. If you don’t like the smell of burning racing fuel you are in the wrong place. I’m not going to sacrifice my car or my performance on the track because you don’t like the fumes. Starting a race/run at the correct temp and idling/cooling after a hard run are musts in turbo Read more

I was recently shopping for a MB C300. After a short test drive, the sales guy could tell I was serious but unsure. They gave me the keys, had me fill out a rental agreement (took 10 minutes), and let me take the car for 24 hours, no strings, for free. I drove it to work the next day, enjoyed my commute, and got to Read more

Damn it, Lewis! Everyone knows that real racers don't need girlfriends!

All right, Wikileaks. The last episodes of Top Gear UK are out there, and you're our only hope. Read more

They sound awesome though, especially on an N/A motor. I love the sound mine makes even if it takes a few horsepower away due to heat soak. Read more

I had a tow company attempt to remove my truck from my designated parking spot at a rental that I was living in. The driver claimed that the landlord had "called it in" as being "abandoned" by the time I caught him, he was lifting the axle of my F-350 with a wheel lift (the actual tires of the truck would not fit in Read more

To start, bringing a non-conforming car into compliance with U.S. rules and regulations requires crash testing the car in order to prove that it meets U.S. safety standards. That means you can't simply buy one example of the car you want to import: you have to buy several. And as you can probably guess, all will be Read more

You have a dedicated track car, and don't do your own oil changes? Read more