9:22 PM

Are you a female? Are you currently covered from head to toe? Are you literate? Have you ever driven a car? Have you ever touched a man in public? If the answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the remaining questions are wrong, there are a significant number of people out there that would have no Read more

9:54 AM

I really hope that one day soon, people come to their senses and stop watering down usage of racism\racist. This program has prejudices yes but it’s not racist. That’s not to say that programs can’t reflect the racists views of its programmers. A good example off hand of a racist or even worse systemic racism, might Read more

3:28 PM

I’m sorry, but how does this article fit into Lifehacker? I don’t remember Gina Trapani going on about LGBTQ issues. All this Politico-type stuff is getting irritating. Read more

12:09 PM

I voted for Trump. What do you want us to say, “grow up and stop your crying?” I didn’t think so, so as we have for the year leading up to the election we’ll probably remain silent and just laugh to ourselves at your meltdowns.

11:58 AM

This is so dumb. We have an electoral college, so candidates campaign around that. If it was a popular vote the campaign trail would look dramatically different. So, we have no idea who would have won a popular vote, if that’s what mattered.

8:54 PM

The minimum wage should be abolished out-right. The percentage of the workforce that actually earns the minimum wage is minuscule. These are jobs for teenagers, part time extra cash and something-to-do on the weekends or while the kids are at school. Entry level, no/low skill jobs aren’t about the money in most cases. Read more

4:30 PM

And people wonder why Britain and the United States don’t want these refugees.

12:36 PM

So Wikileaks was cool when they’re taking down Bush and the Republicans, but when they do the same to Clinton and the Democrats they’ve hit rock bottom?

7:04 PM

Worst forum shit storm ever seen? Easy. Go to any thread on Gawker or Jezebel, make a comment where you might appear to not be a left wing liberal nut job. You could tell them the sky is blue. However, if they even THINK you are a Republican (even if thats not the case), not only is the sky NOT blue, but you are an Read more

4:56 PM

Please, for the love of Sagan, can we stop using terms like “10,000 times less”? It makes no sense. You could have just as easily, and more accurately, said 1/10,000. Just do that from now one plox.

9:32 AM

For some reason I don’t feel like blaming the loss on the only guy who scored points for his team yesterday.