9:59 PM

Someday this kid will learn that settling and immigrating are different. Probably not though, because they already seem like a mouthy little shit.

11:43 PM

I love a nice sharp knife, and keep the knives I use at home razor sharp. For my wife and daughter they just get a hone, but still sharp enough to shave clean and roll up nice curls off finger nails. I do have a tiny little pocketknife that every time I open it within a minute or two I notice blood on my hands. No Read more

8:38 PM

Boohoo. Not surprisingly my wife, and every other woman I feel the need to associate with feels the exact same way. It isn’t a consensus among even women on what they should be raging about, so don’t act like you’re right and they’re wrong. I’ll just be here watching it all fall apart when everyone is as sick of Read more

8:40 PM

Women can give birth no problem, but holy shit do they get caught up in their feels easily. I thought 2016 was bad for Black Lives Matter, but now it’s half the damn country being pissed off over everything men ever do. Toughen up ladies, it’s not attractive being pissed off all the time.

1:22 PM

A year later, really? You are a clump of cells. So am I, so is an unborn child. My feelings on the matter don’t make me a hypocrite, while yours does. No real surprise, as all liberals are hypocrites.

2:41 PM

Get rid of the fuel flow limit and they get more exciting immediately. They would still have to conserve fuel to finish the race, but for overtaking could really turn them up if they didn’t have to worry about leaning them out too much due to the flow limit.

10:39 AM

Same situation at Red Bull, but Max and Ricciardo are my boys. I really hope they have something for everyone in 2018, mainly engines that don’t blow up.

2:52 PM

Extremely painful, lol. Yeah, I’m sure it was almost unbearable. A keychain laser doesn’t turn into a 5MW weapon the further away you are. It kind of works opposite of that actually.

8:00 AM

Slow cars, motorcyles, go karts, whatever are much more fun driven at 10/10 than putting around in a fast one.

7:58 AM

He probably sold it because it has a silly V6 in it instead of the flagship Voodoo engine. $500k car with a V6, while a regular ole Mustang gets a flat-plane 8000rpm V8. All so it could use a V6 to lose a race on the other side of the planet. Makes sense.

11:56 PM

Such bravery to post the one millionth anti-Trump article on Gawker.

9:31 AM

Any word if Diffey, Hobbs, and Matchett will follow? God I hope so.

12:00 PM

We’ve always had “these kinds of guns”. Whatever is available for the times, we the people have them. If that scares you, then you should seek counseling. In the future there will be even better and more fun guns, so if you aren’t prepared for that I don’t know what to tell you. Once you solve the problem of people Read more

10:21 AM

I had a run-in with Kdwolf77 on DayZ, and I hadn’t heard of him or even really know what Twitch was. I spent 20mins talking smack to him about where he lives because of college football, and right at the end TheLoyalPatriot who he was teaming with told me who Kd was. I went to his stream, and got to see myself in Read more

5:57 PM

My problem with the NRA is that they are too soft when it comes to gun control. They are responsible for most of our pointless gun laws, because they agree to them just to appease the Left. A real pro-2A supporter is the GOA, and that’s where my money goes.

9:56 AM

During the housing crash of ‘07-’08 there would be two foreclosed houses with 3ft tall grass on each side of an occupied one, and the occupied one would get a HOA notice for having a weed in their flower bed. A lot of HOAs lost their power during that time, because fuck someone telling me what to do. We never had to Read more

9:52 AM

I’m 40, and my wife and I watch Rick & Morty every week. We don’t blog about it, talk about it, go to Reddit about it, we just enjoy it. I’m a bad fan. :(

10:24 AM

At least liberal bloggers have something to blog about for the next seven and half years or so.

10:24 PM

One of my favorite pastimes is correcting people, who correct other people about engines vs. motors. I was told when I was a kid that “engines aren’t motors, dummy”, and simply opened a dictionary to prove them wrong. There are a lot of similar things where people love to correct others, but in the end are incorrect Read more