Lucy Cooper
Nov 5 2018

Please go out and vote, I'm in the U.K and Trump and the Republicans scare and worry me too. I know you all know it but this mid term is so important please vote for the sake of the USA and the sake of the world. 

Oct 9 2018

I always try to stay at a haunted hotel and/or catch the local ghost tour wherever I go. Glad I’m not the only weirdo!

Aug 16 2018

Nobody needs a billion dollars to themselves. It just makes them crazy. Read more

May 24 2018

The thing I find most frustrating about all of this is that there is a clear and easy solution that would make massive improvements to the concussion rates: outlaw head-first, no-wrap tackling. There’s a reason Rugby players have fewer concussions than football, and it’s in the fundamental differences in how players Read more

Dec 4 2016

When our Navy has anything that goes 300 miles without breaking down, we celebrate any totems that may have enabled it. Read more

Jul 1 2016

i’d probably ask for a pat down instead of going through the detectors (i do this anyway out of principle bc screw those body scanners). it may take a bit longer but you wont have to worry about going in and out of detectors and having a cane taken away from you, etc.. when you check in tell the desk agent what’s up Read more

Jan 7 2016

Out of all of the horrible things I’ve seen this world go through, I’ve noticed that cats are finally getting the respect and the love they deserve. I love them to pieces. I’ve got a few and I always try to visit them at pet stores and the like, I’m crazy about them.

Feb 26 2015

Or, if like Name of the Rose, a crazed monk observes them believing fun is Satanic and kills the playful friars off one by one. As we investigate, we learn of their secret passions and yearning behind the seemingly innocent snowballs.