3:37 PM

I’m really looking forward to the nuanced take on his passing and legacy that Deadspin will post tomorrow. Oh wait. Shit. Read more

5:29 PM

This. There’s a pretty decent bar in my city that I would go to more frequently if it wasn’t so aggressively loud! They blast music in the small space and I don’t know how even the bartenders can hear anything. 

7:53 AM

This. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about ambient noise because, well, people exist and people make noise. Read more

8:39 PM

Yes!   There is a local taco chain that opened up here in the DC area that is good.  They play hard rock pretty loud while they are open.   I stopped going there for lunch with old co-workers because you can’t hear what they are saying unless they are right next to you.  I think people have complained, but have been Read more

8:08 PM

Yes. One of my best friends is deaf in one ear. There are certain restaurants we cannot visit, either because of loud music or poor acoustics and usually both. Read more

6:32 PM

I, a person that loves driving loud obnoxious cars and playing loud music (through headphones) on occasion, don’t really care if a restaurant is noisy. My friend’s group can get loud, especially if there’s booze involved. If the rest of the atmosphere is noisy, it saves us from looking like jerks. However, with that Read more

11:05 AM

If you’re going to be weak and bring chips and dip, you could at least crack a can of Ro-Tel and mix it with some Velveta.

Also, the last thing I want to eat is this guys dry mac and cheese.

8:38 AM

i have a bag of frozen trader joe’s hash browns in my freezer right now. frankly its a clumpy frozen mess in there. what’s the best way to heat? veg oil in a hot cast iron?  

3:47 PM

I had hand-foot mouth disease as an adult. I tried all of the above and dipping my hands in yogurt.  I later found out about lidocaine cream. Get to a doctor! Nothing will work like pharmaceuticals!  Also, wait until your fingernails fall off a month later.  

8:53 PM

I’m not a football fan anymore; it’s impossible to watch anymore and not think of the incredible toll this organization has had on the thousands of families whose players’ bodies and minds were destroyed, or who went on to actively harm their loved ones, nor is it possible to ignore the very real impact that the Read more

4:40 PM

It’s not a big deal in the sense of climate change or war, but there’s a difference between a fan-made supercut born of passion and a supercut that uses the shows references to push a new streaming service while taking away the bite that the references may have had. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it’s no Read more

1:59 PM

They didn’t say Azaria would stop voicing Apu DeBeaumarchais, though.

6:16 PM

Well it’s pretty cost-effective if making multiple orders. The wife and I would order one bagel w cream cheese, and two more plain bagels.