My citroen won't start
May 30 2019

The B7 in your picture is no B7, that’s the China/USA Passat NMS. This is a B7:

Sep 27 2018

Lindsey Graham’s hilariously awful prattle makes me think it might be too late to wake up - millions of people support that dipshit and his ilk.

Jul 13 2018

Political stuff got personal and ugly. People were told to go sit in the corner for a little while. 

Jul 10 2018

Fuck, I don’t envy that position in parenting man. My quick advice is to find a psychologist to help you navigate these waters. I know there is a stigma for that advice, but I view them as attorneys for social situations. They can pass on a lot of information on stats with what potentially happens. You have to mesh Read more

Jul 1 2018

Oh no! Don’t get my favorite color combo!

Jun 26 2018

Maybe you should have your Valium and three or four beers then worry less about what other people eat.

Jun 19 2018

I like to do that, but the only difference is that I smash up the entire bag of chips so I have more to work with. Once they’re smashed all the way down to crumbs, I like to take the bag and pour the crumbs into my mouth until my mouth is halfway full, then I take salsa or queso(if you’re feeling fancy) and pour in Read more