Jan 8

Tam would be great, but they’d have to tone down Kaz’s character a bit, try to make him a bit more mature. He definitely got better in 2nd season, but man...

Me personally, I want to see Moxie Freemaker and Jacen Syndulla.

Jul 9 2019

I think people understate the anger of the fanbase. This National Dex thing (which was a problem since Sun and Moon though those games allowed you to keep every old pokemon, even if they don’t have a dex entry), is just the straw that camel back. There has been many details over all games that have accumulated and Read more

Apr 16 2019

I would like to propose a hard-hitting talk show hosted by HK-47 featuring a wide range of guests across the world of politics — called “They’re All Meatbags”

Aug 7 2017

I thought it was supposed to be obvious that they did not get the gold to King’s Landing. Isn’t the Iron Banker’s last line to Cersei something like, “As soon as we get the gold”? Jaime and Bronn were still on the road with the army, why would they have sent the gold back alone and how did it move faster than the Read more

Jul 19 2015

That’s right, I punned the shit out of that headline. S’what they get for leaving me alone for the weekend.

Jun 22 2015

While I was happy to see them actually get back to the theme park idea of the series, I was so let down by the film. The only character I liked was the CGI raptor Blue, whose superhero charge at the end of the film was so damn adorable/bad ass.

Jun 21 2015

While the DC show track record as of late has been pretty spot on, now I’m starting to get worried that they’re over-expanding much too fast. I mean, we don’t even know how Hawkgirl the characteris going to be receieved by audiences and they're already planning out a full series.

Apr 22 2015

Then, of course, there’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold, where the Batmobile itself transforms into a giant robot piloted by Batman. I’m not sure that quite fits the category, but I feel it has to be mentioned anyway.

Mar 10 2015

I really liked Tron legacy. One thing to change though. Never ever ever bring back creepy cgi Jeff Bridges.

Feb 27 2015

I submit that Sandshrew should be the new mascot. Much stronger than crappy old Pikachu.