Mar 3

I like the new one, but I still appreciate the old one. But the old one wasn’t very good, at being a car. Sure, it had good approach angles and breakover angles, but when I wanted one a couple year back and test drove a 110 station wagon with the 300tdi, I was completely put off them. Maybe as a second or third car, Read more

Dec 6

Automobile Magazine was a favorite of mine. When Jean Jennings was at the helm, it was a tremendous publication that I preferred to C&D or Motor Trend. This year has been awful for journalism period.

Aug 24

You people are morons. Steve McQueen. Steve fucking McQueen: 2d OA at Sebring 1970 1964 ISDT

Feb 11 2019

Mr. Clavey, I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Quebec with the Chevy Bolt. I am still contemplating my options for the next vehicle I purchase. EV’s are appealing, but cold conditions like those in Quebec, and to a lesser extent in my home of Upstate NY leave much to be desired for range. Is Canada looking Read more

Oct 13 2018

Does the technician get to affix a little sticker of a fighter jet to the outside of his toolbox now?