11:26 PM

The Renault Dauphine carries its spare tire in the same location but its behind a drop down door below the front bumper - where the number plate is on this example.

8:46 PM

The Varsity on North Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia - founded in 1928 and still serving red steaks (hamburgers with ketchup), chili dogs and FO’s (Frosted Orange) to this day. Generations of Atlanta teenagers have driven their cars to the Varsity on Saturday night to hang out. Nipsey Russell got his start as a car hop at

8:46 PM

I think its a definite improvement on the D5 but should still be as refined and comfortable as a daily driver. The front end looks like a nod back to the LR3 which isn’t a bad thing. Lets hope that Land Rover offers it in some interesting colors instead of different shades of grey. The white roof will be a big plus,

7:40 PM

What he said - McQueen raced everywhere and he was good at it too. McQueen and Garner raced Baja Boots in the Baja 1000 and then there was that little movie about LeMans and that other one called On Any Sunday. Newman was great as well.

10:29 AM

And Gimme Shelter wasn’t released until several years after 1966...

1:09 PM

I dragged my wife to the 1984 Dutch Gran Prix at Zandvoort - we were on our honeymoon in Europe. It was fun, she actually enjoyed it as we watched Prost and Senna chase each other. It's a great track, I was sorry when it was removed from the calendar. Glad to see it's coming back and my Dutch friends will be ecstatic.

10:17 PM

I saw a couple outside the post office the other day trying to figure out how to get a box the size of a lawnmower into their 4 door Japanese sedan - it wouldn’t fit through the doors and they couldn’t get more than a corner of the box into the trunk opening. They chose unwisely - even a small station wagon could have

3:46 PM

I’d keep the Range Rover - they are very nice all around use cars.

10:54 PM

My forever car is my 1967 Land Rover Series IIA 88" pickup. I fell for the shape of a Land Rover when I saw my first one around 1963 when I was 12 twelve years old - I thought it was one of the coolest cars I’d ever seen and still feel that way today over 55 years later. I bought my first Land Rover in 1972 but it was

6:40 PM

I have an Orange car problem - you can’t have too many of them...

4:31 PM

I’ve done my part - bought a 2018 Miata just over a month ago. We rented a Miata for our week in Monterey last August and had so much fun driving it that I bought one. It reminds me a lot of the two Alfa Romeo Giuliettas that I had back in the 1970's. Two of my friends are thinking of buying them as well - if they can

4:18 PM

I’ve never failed to draw a crowd at every car show I’ve ever gone to with an old Land Rover Series truck like this - they got the looks so right and everyone seems drawn to them.

12:13 AM

I’ll be watching for an article on Lella’s team mate, Christine Beckers next. I had the pleasure of talking to Christine a few times at the 1977 Daytona 24 Hours race when she was teamed with Lella Lombardi and Jean Rondeau driving one of the Inaltera prototypes and again later in the year when she was invited to

8:07 PM

Baja Boot Reboot - yes please. One of the vehicles that made the biggest impression on my teen age self 52 years ago.....

12:21 PM

My 1956 Porsche 356A 4-cam Carrera with the Sebring exhaust system - what a glorious sounding machine. And the rental 2016 MX-5 Miata we drove for the week we were in Monterey during August - it was so much fun I bought a 2018 Miata last month. It reminds me very much of the old Alfa Giulietta Spiders that I had in

10:15 PM

I just bought a new 2018 Miata automatic last weekend. I drove both the manual and automatic versions and actually preferred the automatic. With the car in manual mode using the paddles is a lot of fun - pushing the Sport button on the console tightens everything up and makes it more fun.

10:34 AM

1937 Chevrolet pickup has always done it for me..

11:01 PM

It’s the best car show of the whole week. A lot of very much alive history there. With the occasional oops on track. The Cobra got turned at the top of the corkscrew and wound up facing back up the track - nothing the Mustang could do.

6:17 PM

You totally forgot the Pontiac Aztek...