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DJT: “Believe me, the school shootings have stopped in these summer months. I attribute the good news to Grizzly Bears and Ted Nugent” Read more

I’m of the mindset that it’s an ex employee or love triangle gone wrong. Read more

I live in SC. The roads are shit, the drivers are shit and the weather lately has been insane! Already had this car and my previous Charger in for massive PDR for hail. Read more

Our 11 Durango Citadel is still humming along nicely too. I’d looove to swap to a newer SRT but 70K??!? Read more

My ‘14 RT is in superb shape with less than 19K miles. Read more

I have an English friend who ended up buying a Z06 after looking at several hi-perf models. He ridiculed the FCA folks for the “Scat Pack” asking if Americans were cool driving a shit-packed Challenger/Charger? Read more

This just means we have to keep cases in the lower courts. Read more

Are we at a saturation point with these flipping shows? Read more

In before some fuckbag dipshit says “BBBUT HILL STOLE THE PRIMARY!” Read more

PG, I’ve had a couple comment/photos on this piece not show up at all? Read more

Oh yeah, this is obligatory too:


So, in all the captures, I see an Asian, the three black sellouts, one Soriano and a shitload of what appears to be irritating af white people... Read more

A white supremacist douchebag in a suit is still a fucking white supremacist douchebag. Is it wrong for wishing that this fucker gets indicted too? Read more

Yep. I reside in your mom’s dried up cave-like pussy. I kicked the basketball team out and made room. Send mail to her rectum though, she likes deliveries in the rear. Read more

He’s a public figure. No doxxing needed. Consider it a Customer Suggestion Line. Read more

Annnnnddd MBB has just now done more to help the cause against Online Bullying than the entire Trump Administration and First Lady... Read more

That happened in a lot of places today... Hmmm Read more