An additional fuck-you to Sen. Slama, who’s been trying to codify Nebraska’s voter ID law by mandating a notary to sign mail-in ballots. It’s a move so bad other Republicans have been reminding her their own voters are mostly elderly, rural, and can’t just go find a notary in East Jesus, NE. Read more

The article doesn’t state it, but there’s a chance that Wood’s relocation violated terms of the custody agreement, which Bell has a right to challenge as the co-parent. If that’s the case then he’s in the right to have that dispute resolved. Read more

I think it’s total plausible Bam has been prescribed Adderall. Adult ADHD is more common than people realize. Read more

The only Bam scene I like is when he’s locked in the trailer with the snake.  Read more

I just watched it with my daughter (who’s seven) and we both loved it.  Read more

I’d do the ID.Buzz. Seems way more fun. I’m glad VW has a van again.  Read more

I mean, if I were to open a whiskey distillery this year, I wouldn’t have a product out either for a certain number of years. I’d need funds to cover those costs while I paid my employees and the whiskey aged. Read more

The Cybertruck is vaporware so I honestly rate it about the same as this concept. Read more

When is “minivan” ever not the answer for a utilitarian vehicle? Read more

Jalopnik says sorry for not being more Pacific. Read more

What about one shitty Jeep cobbled together from two really, really shitty Jeeps? Read more

Yes. In the cheapest, most pain-in-the-ass way possible. Read more

“Buy my trash! Fund my next poor life decision!” Read more

I made my own cream of mushroom soup for green bean casserole last Thanksgiving. Holy mother of God, was it ever amazing.  Read more

He sold the Lexus. Which is actually a tarted-up Land Cruiser. One of the most rugged vehicles in the world, with parts and supplies throughout the world.  Read more

As a Midwesterner, my take is people out here are waiting for more Mavericks and Broncos to become available. Also every other household has an F-150 in the driveway. I suspect the Powerboost is going to grow in popularity, considering its utility beyond just range extension. Finally, there are many who are content to Read more

The Challenger is such an old design that aftermarket support and parts should be plentiful. That should make it easy to maintain. Read more

It’s awesome to know someone was looking out for David during his madness. Even better that this person is a fellow jalop. Read more