Jan 4 2017

I have to admit, my initial reaction was gleeful when I heard she was leaving. But then I started thinking about her presence on Fox for the past 12 years, and was reminded in an article on Bust about all the horribly racist shit she’s said, and I recalled how every time she’s supported a reasonable position it’s been Read more

Dec 9 2016

I didn’t realize your 3 and 5 year old were personally responsible for the state of the world but if you really feel like ruining their Christmas instead of doing anything proactive like, oh, I don’t know, contacting your senator or volunteering with an organization that’s actively affected by the state of things, Read more

Oct 26 2016

This is one of the more confusing excuses for demanding unprotected sex with a girlfriend and I’ve heard some doozies over the years, especially from older family members and friends. Read more

Sep 22 2016

Marriage isn’t “just a fucking word”. It’s a legal status with fairly extensive implications in healthcare, tax, child custody, inheritance, property ownership, civil and criminal legal cases, pensions etc. Marriage doesn’t protect spouses from cheating or leaving, sure, but that’s a massively different thing from Read more

Sep 19 2016

Sorry, this teacher isn’t cool and this topic isn’t funny. I’ve taught college for 15 years, and I wouldn’t say this to 18 year olds, much less 10th graders. You’re in an immense position of power as a teacher. It’s really important not to mock your students. I had one teacher in HS who consistently made fun of Read more

Sep 19 2016

I thought this too, but now I wonder if this is a hint ... that Radar knows the abuser to be a closeted gay.

Sep 19 2016

So, I hate John Mayer and think he is an insufferable douche, but I also think the Leslie Jones comment is kind of creepy and weird.

Sep 1 2016

Seriously? You don’t know anything about what kind of cat that poster has. What if he has a huge Maine coon cat that weighs 20+ pounds? Or if he has an young outdoor cat that is very active and burns off a lot of calories?

Aug 24 2016

95% of why I choose a place is the food. The other 5% is whether I will actually be able to hear the people I’m with and not be shoved into someone’s armpit. Very few things matter to me less than “atmosphere.”

Aug 9 2016

The age difference, his objective youth, and the way he talks about the relationship are all throwing up huge red flags to me - and probably would even if these people weren’t biologically related. He isn’t talking about how she happens to be the hottest, smartest, coolest woman he’s ever met who just happens to be Read more

Aug 9 2016

That was what stuck out to me. It kind of broke my heart when he said no one ever fed him or tried to make him feel happy or he fell in love. That’s what your parents are supposed to do. I want to shake him and scream that she’s not special or good for being kind to you. Read more

Aug 9 2016

Especially reading his bit, he never had anyone who took care of him so he cannot discern romantic love from familial love.

Aug 9 2016

Agreed. I feel even worse that he could be facing criminal charges after the shitty childhood he had.

Aug 9 2016

Agreed. Imagine if this was a father with a 19 year old daughter that he had given up for adoption and was now having a sexual relationship with. Ugh. So no.