Feb 7 2017

Non-disabled people are fucking ridiculous. They expect disabled people to be helpless shut-ins who are incapable of independence or variation amongst each other. Read more

Aug 9 2016

It makes me really uncomfortable that nobody seems to be saying much about the fact that he’s so much younger and how that makes him extra vulnerable. Nineteen is technically an adult, but you’re still young an easy to take advantage of. Not you, but the conversation in general. I feel like people get blinded by the Read more

Sep 15 2015

I find the whole mentality confusing because even though she was repressing everything, she was in a gay marriage herself, as a woman married to another.

Apr 17 2015

I don’t know. She’s pretty established, it seems. I’m sure many people she feeds know and trust her. I feel like that cop was just being a dick and not looking out for anyone.