Jun 6 2019

I would say nothing since that’s clearly an evil spirit possessing a dead, decomposing body through some form of necromancy and it’s just common sense to stay out of that.

Jun 6 2019

that is DISGUSTING and I would have used the in-flight magazine to poke and push the foot off. People like that should not be engaged directly unless necessary.

Jun 4 2019

At least we aren’t cutting holes in perfectly good shoulders anymore?

May 29 2019

This is an excellent suggestion, thank you. I’ll look into any schools in the area. Something in the neighborhood of $400 each would be a lot more doable for me. It’s tough in my area because most of the dentists are really focused on cosmetics. I already left one office because they pushed too hard. Also, a lot of Read more

Feb 17 2019

Honestly, put your foot down and threaten to quit. Start looking for another job, tell them that the workload that you’ve been given is untenable and offer solutions that are not giving you everyone else’s work. You are not their dumping ground! Ask if they can hire temps for some of the workload until it’s Read more

Feb 8 2019

Boss reminded me today that when I’m looking at training plans for everyone that that includes me and I should get the training I need and we’ll find the budget for it. I’ll definitely have to do this. I got a bit of management training last year after taking some much overdue leave, and it was helpful. (One of the Read more

Nov 9 2018

We said goodbye to Calvin last Wednesday, which I wrote about over here. Last night I brought home his ashes, as well as a paw print that the animal hospital made for us. It was an emotional night.

Nov 9 2018

I lost both Sadie (floppy ears) and Kamora (pointy ears) unexpectedly over the last 2 years. Kamora in March 0f 2017, and Sadie only 2 months ago.

Nov 9 2018

We lost The Beagler this week. He could stare with daggers at you one minute & cuddle like a puppy the next. Him and Walligator were good frens. He wore the pants in our family & we miss him a lot. Sweet dreams, little butthead.

Oct 6 2018

Oh man... that was my exact plan for tomorrow! I guess I’ll have to it near towering cliffs instead of the giant tree, then.