12:19 AM

I had two beers during a break between experiments. and gosh. I think I’m a bit tipsier than I thought I would be. because this lab shit is hard.

1:56 PM

yeah, so many otherwise decent tops and dresses were done dirty last year! like instead of covering both the armpit crack and the shoulder, They decided we could only have one or the other. and the one we didn’t get coverage on was accentuated. so rude.

1:27 PM

I swear to fucking god if that off the shoulder trend is back this year... lasdjflksflksdjflskdflsdf

11:13 PM

the super shock shadows are amazing! I just use my finger and it’s super pigmented and creamy. lasts all day! I’M GONNA GO BUY MORE MEOW.

7:58 PM

yeah, and it’s definitely because of the economics of opening a clinic. you have to rent the space, all the equipment, staff (hygienist, receptionist, insurance person, etc ...), and a dentist can only see a certain number of people a day. so it kinda creates this system where they try to bill for the most because Read more

1:45 PM

are you near a dental school? I’ve been getting my dental work done at a predoctoral dental clinic (after not having been in 10 years), where the work is closely monitored by the teaching faculty and the students do the work. it takes a lot longer to do the work, but the pricing and explanations have been really Read more

3:10 PM

yay! glad the roommate saga is coming to an end. I live with a Craigslist random, and I think I only tolerate it because I’m still in grad school. so y’know. my standards are a bit low. Read more

3:04 PM

I fucking murdered my phone interviews this week, next step is in person. I think I’m the frontrunner for this gig, because they fast tracked me through people and also started talking more recruitment vs making me talk about myself. Read more

6:48 PM

I finally heard back from a summer fellowship I applied to a long ass time ago, and I had moved on and got some consulting interviews instead. but then the guy emailed me on Sunday, and we’re chatting this week. and then somehow the managing director wants to chat, too. Read more

5:59 PM

Harvard Business Review After Hours podcast. three endearing Harvard business school profs chatting about all sorts of topics. it’s so good!

1:57 PM

yes! best japanese kitkat flavor I had recently was “hojicha.” it’s such a mild sweet milk tea flavor.

4:05 PM

yeah, and the trauma that usually caused them to turn to food. the recent seasons have included a therapy session, but it’s so extra exploitative. having them talk about being molested/raped/abandoned. I hope the therapy goes beyond what they film for the cameras.

10:50 PM

I knew someone who was teaching in SF, too. it was a few years ago, but the school hired 3 new teachers, including her, and basically only kept her after the first year because of budgets. but the stipulation was that she had to teach huge classes and an extra period to make up for the loss of the other 2 teachers. and Read more