10/11/16 9:04PM

The prius fuel would gut the 787 engines. Jet-A is mostly just kerosene, Car gas is pretty obnoxious in comparison.

10/11/16 8:49PM

No, no it didn’t. Both Germany and Japan were advanced technic nations. After the wars, they wanted to reform.  They knew they could eventually improve their lives by cooperation. They are historic abberations. Most countries react poorly to invasion, and even worse on being told what to do. German and Japanese Read more

10/11/16 8:40PM

If you walk up to an F/A-18 or 16 at an airshow, you see something that looks like world war 2 and the original Star Wars had a conoodling session. Read more

10/11/16 8:34PM

Honestly? My cold dead hands are too busy gripping my flintlock musket, the phones over there on the fireplace. Take it if you must. Read more

10/11/16 8:19PM

That said, pray for the next President, they’re sailing into a world on fire.

10/11/16 8:10PM

The original articles says it was possibly a silkworm which is truck launched. So it wasn’t launched from a school or roof.
Read more

10/11/16 8:07PM

and they did it well. People could have died and they didn’t. If I was their CO, they’re getting medals. Maybe not a medal of honor, but at least a Defense Meritorious Service and a COM.

10/11/16 7:00PM

At that point we knew it was over, but we kept fighting. Fighting not for victory but for that self-loathing vanity that keeps an internet troll standing. We threw everything we had at them, and we held the “on”line.

10/11/16 6:37PM

An eye for an eye, a kill for a kill, To fight the Russian tentacle monsters, we had to troll them with WTF monsters of our own.

10/11/16 5:47PM

I take it the fullscale pressure vessels are a real bitch to make work. Did your design end up looking like the NGC Bat UAS?

10/11/16 5:34PM

Of course, your modern competing airliner can take off from any field, doesn’t have to mess with corrosion and can fly directly from site to site.