So... is Mr. Harriot attempting to dispel Buttigieg’s assertion or confirm it? Let’s see:

“You’re motivated because you believe that at the end of your education,

there is a reward;
Black college graduates are paid 80 cents for every dollar a white person with the same education earns Read more

Multiple replies have said Captain America would vote for Trump. Obviously, these people have never read a Cap comic book published since 1968. They also don’t understand the movies.

Odessa (the real Friday Night Lights town) isn’t that rural - it’s ~100k people. (It’s also 50% Hispanic, which adds an extra layer of fiction to the character list.)

Taylor was definitely a Trump voter but there would be way more than one Hillary voter. 60/40 or even 50/50 (given the number of young adults) is Read more

Season 1/2 Michael thought Trump was hilarious.

Just the way Stark talks to and treats General Ross tells me loud and clear he’d never vote for Cheetolini. He never bowed down in front of Thanos or the Black Order, either. Tony suffers no idiots or bullies. He appointed a woman to head his company, too, so yeah, Tony Stark would’ve voted for Hillary without Read more

They’re also all anti-Trump, but only Celeste voted for Hillary. Renata voted for herself in a protest vote, Jane and Bonnie voted for Jill Stein, and Madelyn didn’t show up to the polls but complained a lot about the result. Mary Louise was planning to vote for Hillary but the writers forced her to vote Trump to be Read more

Agreed. Tony has definitely stayed at Mar-a-lago, but that’s like saying Tony also spent more than a few nights at the Playboy mansion. Read more

Tony Stark is pretty clearly not on board with overt  racism or sexism, and Bruce Wayne is a major philanthropist who’s personally paid for the rehabilitation of at least two of his opponents-Harvey Dent and the Mad Hatter. Neither would be remotely on board with trump.

On a similar note, a friend pointed out that the Big Little Lies moms are totally anti-vaxxers.

They made a big deal of showing the US black ops guys going room to room and finding them devoid of Russians. I took that to mean that most of the Russians escaped somehow.

The way they shot those bunker scenes helps to give the writers a way to bring him back. The damage done to the machine when Terminator Russian Was thrown in could be used to support this. Followed by only showing Russians on controls room side of the machine being liquefied. No small pile of Hopper was shown where he Read more

What pisses me off is how he had so much time to run back to the room with Joyce but he just stood there staring at her. I kept yelling “RUN" but i guess his mustache was too heavy for him.

For him to be alive, I think there will need to be some explanation about where he went. Is it possible he was in just the right place to get transported somewhere else instead of liquefied? Sure. That’s how these shows work. But I lean towards him not being “the American.” Not least of all because I doubt on the Read more

2 things: 1- there’s no visible evidence of any Hopper goo. They went through a lot of $$$ in the first scene of the season to show the consequences of the “key” failing. Read more

I just assumed he was able to escape using whatever method the rest of the commies used.  Wasn’t the base abandoned by the time the cavalry arrived?  I figured he took whatever out that the rest of the staff used.

You can see that in Harbour’s answer as well. They probably haven’t told him yet whether or not he’s coming back, because they haven’t nailed it down yet - and because it wouldn’t be clear whether he’d have an open schedule for it again (probably more likely that he does given that Hellboy flopped). Read more

Erica is fantastic you shut your lying mouth

There’s a trope where unless we see a body, there’s a good chance a seemingly dead character is still alive. Eleven saw Barb’s body so we know she’s dead. Hopper’s fate is inconclusive since his body was not recovered.

If Harbour has no hope for Barb, we gotta be honest with ourselves: Barb was graphically eaten alive. Read more

I thought the fries seemed dry.