Sep 15 2017

Ouch. I voted Baba Yaga but this gif still feels TOO SOON.

Sep 15 2017

I unabashedly love CRJ and I also love that her haircut makes her look like The Waitress.

Oct 19 2016

Oh my god I’ve never wanted a shirt as badly as I want that shirt. It combines my two favourite things: Game of Thrones and misandry.

Jul 5 2016

I’m sitting in class and I know I should be doing work but I can’t stop watching this over and over again. Sorry*, people sitting behind me.

*you’re welcome

Apr 15 2016

It’s true. Often she’s the only redeeming quality in an otherwise mediocre (or worse) movie, but Spy was just hilarious from top to bottom.

Apr 14 2016

And I will continue contributing to those box office numbers, because no matter how terrible the movie Melissa McCarthy almost always manages to make me laugh until I pee.

Jul 24 2015

THIS IS WHAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO NAME MY CHILD. Seriously since I was like 7, when I didn’t even really want kids (but was super super into reading).

Jul 14 2015

The burly dude is Action Bronson! The beeeeeautiful one is ASAP Rocky.

May 4 2015

Don’t even care about the content of the gram, anything Ed and Taylor is immediately winningly adorable.

Mar 26 2015

who even knows anything these days? this is a period of great uncertainty and turmoil for all of us.

Mar 26 2015

Yeah, I'm with you 100% on this. I've got mad respect for the decision to leave 1D to lay low for a while.

Mar 25 2015

Oh goodness, yours is the very last story on this whole page, but it's the first one that brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

Mar 18 2015

Not sure about the "white park trailer trash men" thing, but I do agree that Daryl is a sexmachine x1000000

Mar 18 2015

Daryl Dixon as a taxidermy squirrel?!? I didn't know that I needed that in my life, but OH HOW I DO.

Mar 6 2015

It's that goddawful instagram duckface shot that did it for me. *shudders*

Mar 6 2015

Mark if Allen wins and you decide you need circus performers at your wedding, I will do cartwheels FOR FREESIES.

Mar 4 2015

This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful. I hope you stay healthy and that he stays wonderful and you both stay happy and in love <3