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Aug 4 2016

I would say that generally when I’ve heard the tiresome “humanist” shit it’s from women, and the “all lives matter” thing I’ve only ever heard of white people saying, which makes it harder to attribute any positive explanation to the latter. They’re both gross bullshit, obviously. Read more

Jun 18 2016

I’m having Ethiopian solo. After a rough couple days I’m trying to be gentle on myself.

Sep 10 2015

I desperately need Johnny Mac to make a move—he is the only entertaining thing left. Read more

Aug 23 2015

Had to google it - sounds tasty! (And I used to love hanging out at Diesel.) Let me know if you head to the area - we could do a meetup! We’ve done several Boston GT meetups with alterego, JinxieJade, zaprowsdower, PlainJayneAllyson, lbreeze... good times.

Aug 16 2015

He’s doing very well; thank you for asking! He has some very cool job stuff going on that would be doxxy to talk too much about, but suffice it to say that he’s doing stuff that I think is actually changing the world for the better and I’m so proud of him. And he’s been traveling a lot doing it, so it’s also neat when Read more

Jul 22 2015

HEY old friend! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering where you had gone off to! I can’t remember what made me think of you, but I’m sure it was something pleasant. I’m not on GT all that much these days, so I wondered if it was just a matter of not crossing paths. Read more