I think we kvetched too much about every detail, we did it here, on twitter, and really anywhere we could, so much so, that by the time the show was getting ready to air, we hoped it was in the Prime time line, to the point that the look of the show was so different from our TOS era show, that we never stopped Read more

How in the actual fuck did you “do this to [your]self”? I am legit asking for even one bit of evidence, or even a plausible theory. Read more

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Wow, people complained about a shitty, shitty show that also took a needlessly “HARDCORE” turn, full of “DARKNESS [YO IT’S SO DARK YO]” and that makes them entitled?

Right, because for all their avowed Trek-loving, in the end, instead of going for deep cuts or a deeper understanding of themes explored in the Trek universe, they instead just go for cheap fan service. Read more

All of the “continuity” they’re throwing out (which is actually just terrible fan service) felt really cheap. They throw in all these references, but don’t quite get the tone right, like they watched Trek but didn’t really understand it Read more

No one in this story got shot, eaten by an alligator, or busted for methamphetamine distribution, so I fail to see how this is the quintessential Florida story. Read more

OLENA TYRELL IS THE BEST. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with them. Read more

Galileos are rare. Super-rare. That’s why we use a 16th century astronomer as our benchmark for a misunderstood pioneer in his time. Most science is boring, incremental, and highly collaborative. I’m not saying there aren’t other examples, but keep in mind, that’s selection bias at work. They’re the ones we hear about Read more

I know a lady who can’t go 10 minutes without food. :-) Read more

Fuck you clickbait. That’s not a dragon. Read more

This is the opposite of GoT, born of water instead of fire. Read more

Holy crap, I have a dog named Munchie too. I thought I was the only one. :P Read more

Thanks for this, George. I don’t have time to read it at this moment in time, but I, just today, got a rescue pup (rottweiler), and I look forward to reading this very soon.

With ours I was pretty sure that she spent the day convincing herself that we’d never come home, and then when we did it was the best thing ever. Read more