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I went to a roadside farm stand out in very rural VA where I live. I think there might be 10 EVs in the entire county. The owner and his wife were very cordial when selling me some homemade jam and eggs and when I was going to leave, he sheepishly asked me about my EV. I proceeded to have a nice conversation about EV Read more

Pretty insipid stuff. I’ll pass on that special and she can enjoy her scumbag “friends” and fuck off to another cornfield.
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Chappelle gleefully ignores the fact that the majority of trans women murdered in this rat-fucked country are Black. He and whoever this idiot is doesn’t give a single fuck about Black folks. He doesn’t need us ‘cause he barks on command/cash for white audiences.  Read more

Don’t believe me, look up “EV chargers near me- Bergholz, Ohio”

I just did, with PlugShare.

There are currently 4 charge point locations within an hour’s drive”

How is that relevant? I’ve been driving EVs for over a decade now. I don’t ever use a public charger within an hour’s drive of home. That’s silly. Like Read more

Same. I am a cunt hair away from dropping them as it is. I’m honestly waiting for an excuse. Winning Time and The Last of Us are the only shows left I watch anymore and who knows how long it’ll be between seasons. I’d been meaning to get to Raised by Wolves and Westworld at some point but I guess I wasn’t already Read more

YAY!!! - Paper Mario: Thousand Years Door remaster was the biggest surprise! I was no way expecting another one of best Mario RPGs to be re-released this soon when Super Mario RPG is getting closer to November release date. Mario RPG fans are eating! Read more

Except the difference is these workers are free to take their talents elsewhere if they believe they’re not being fairly compensated in return for the value they provide. Read more

“An armed society is a polite society.” He was impolite. Read more

Also, if you have a loaded weapon in your vehicle and you are pulled over, the first thing you tell the officer is that you have a loaded weapon in your vehicle. Read more

Lets make sure to cover the rest of the story from the trib Read more

I don’t think it is articulated well, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying if the workers have a strike as their power, management has moving production as their form of power. We’ve seen it time and time again, where production/customer service/etc was moved out of the US to increase profits or not Read more

If you are going to have a gun on your hip during a traffic stop, don’t then also be aggressive to the cops. He didn’t get killed just for having a gun. You also might have missed that the gun was on the floorboard, out of its holster, meaning he either unholstered his gun or had a loose gun available during the stop. Read more

I’ve got a friend who was a County Patrol Officer in rural Alberta. He said every traffic stop was terrifying because there was a solid chance you were pulling over a “Freeman of the Land.” These are Canada’s version of Sovereign Citizens. Read more

This is Jaahnavi. A complete human being.

It’s time we make cops write checks from their personal accounts. Read more

In the end (and perhaps, quite predictably in Stalin’s USSR) the two find American culture has been wrapped into a vapid, one-dimensional worship of money and wealth which makes them miss their socialist homeland.
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USSR, Socialist Workers Paradise which did the Holodomor in 32-33 Read more

Lets ignore the fact that Harris Ranch is a huge restaurant and having a back-up power source is a smart business decision on their part but complaining about the state of the place in 2015 now is a weird thing. You’re also ignoring the fact that Harris Ranch might be the only resort at a cattle lot I’ve ever seen. Read more

I’ve enjoyed my time spent with the game, don’t get me wrong. . . .

. . . but I’ll be damned if TOTK doesn’t feel like a just a massive BOTW DLC that just was spun out into a stand alone product.
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