Yesterday 6:22PM

Sure, you can joke that all of the big cruisers are too heavy, too expensive, and too old-fashioned, aimed at a dying market” Read more

Yesterday 5:11PM

Exactly. I was the Child Abuse and Neglect registry manager for a state for 5 years. One of the shockers to me was the way really awful shit was pled down to misdemeanor charges with much gentler verbiage. I mean I saw child rape ( no questions about it) pled down to third degree charges with no jail time. The lawyers Read more

Yesterday 4:53PM

We can’t even put into place the tech we know will help now, like alternative energy and energy efficiency.

Yesterday 4:47PM

A 12-13 year old if you go from when the messaging started.. 

Yesterday 4:42PM

The forecast has us beating our all time high temperature on Monday. In fucking June. Shit’s broken. 

Yesterday 3:38PM

It has no effect of air bag installation, but there's no guarantee that the vehicle in that condition would be accepted as delivered. 

Yesterday 1:58PM

Usually the fires don’t start until around the beginning of August here in Antivaxxistan. I think they will be starting up well before that this year. Boise, Idaho had some bizarre wind and dry lightning event last night. Read more

Yesterday 1:40PM

The car being in Transport Mode DOES indicate there’s something hinky going on here. There’s absolutely no legitimate reason for an end-user to put it in transport mode.

Yesterday 1:31PM

so perhaps scientist etc can stop predicting out 100 years and start realizing the worst case scenarios are here, and are beginning the climate nightmare as we speak. No need to wait til 2100, or 2050, 2010 will be known as the last decade of what we called a normal climate.

Yesterday 12:23PM

Unfortunately, qualifyinfg isnt’ really the issue for a lot of people anymore, it’s being totally priced out in this insane market where a 1 bed shack with a rotten roof gets priced at half a million, and someone of modest means without a cosigner is stuck in toe 300k range for preapproval.

No, I’m not bitter. You’re Read more

Yesterday 11:43AM

Maybe I missed it, but where is the turboencabulator located?

Yesterday 8:58AM

In interviews he’s always struck me as a really self-aware, easy-going guy. I imagine he looks back at those paychecks- I mean shows- with a kind of goofy fondness.

Yesterday 6:16AM

Came here for this, was not disappointed.

5/13/21 10:23PM

First of all why even make a headline like this? Its a spoiler right there in the headline. Secondly, did you even play RE7? His hands where like that in that game as well, you lost your arm and leg from time to time in that game and you could put them back with a healing item. Similar to what happens in this game Read more

5/13/21 3:46PM

I don’t know, is this really all that shocking? I mean in RE7 he got his hand cut off then they stapled it back on and he went about his business like nothing had really happened. He can get his leg cut off and he just reattaches it and gets back to running around. I guess the idea that he was technically killed Read more

5/12/21 3:48PM

I didn’t really question the number of lycans until I saw the number of Soldats in Heinsenberg’s factory and started questioning that. Dude had hundreds on those conveyer belts. Where were they coming from? That many people going missing from a small village would be impossible to miss. I mean, it’s only a few dozen Read more