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2/05/21 4:29PM

This whole article just seems weird to me, but I’m trying to frame it as a generational thing. It’s understandable that we’re most comfortable with what we’ve grown up with, but I think Mr. Blum fails to recognize a whole working force out here that doesn’t crumple up into a little ball when their phone rings with... Read more

1/21/21 2:23PM

The biggest problem with student debt forgiveness, in my opinion, is it does absolutely nothing to address the cost of higher education and what caused this in the first place.

1/13/21 11:49AM

They don’t like the idea of having to be behind anyone else. They won the genetic lotto (well matched 3 out of 6 I guess...) and want all the rewards of having others gets less.

12/21/20 5:00PM

Or you could just take his paper size algorithm and do your own cutting. Dammit it’s in metric. Read more

7/09/20 3:49PM

While I don’t pretend to speak for Jewish people (or even Muslims for that matter), I have no problem with my neighbors smoking a pork shoulder or preparing other foods that I don’t eat. If they don’t intend to provoke, I take no provocation. I would hope my neighbors feel the same when I’m grilling with “ethnic” Read more

4/01/20 9:58PM

I tell her basically every time I edit a post. I mean I actually say stuff like, “How dare you make me read that when I don’t have any chicken skin lying around,” but I think she knows what I mean.

3/13/20 8:15PM

I do that basically just to piss you off.  I know what you did at the last Christmas party.  You should be ashamed.

3/13/20 8:10PM

That is because I sub-contracted my job out.

2/07/20 11:47AM

I’ve got one myself, and yeah, the issues are spot-on. Typical for a brand-agnostic device to come out of a Chinese plant. The speaker problem can’t be fixed via software, unfortunately, so if it’s a big enough issue you’ll either want to put a bit of tape over part of the speaker to dampen the noise a bit, or get Read more

1/21/20 12:06PM

Don’t forget to turn on your VPN, or Blokada!

12/19/19 1:54PM

timely and useful information, considering the flip flop back and forth design of left to right and right to lefting by kinja layouts

12/18/19 4:59PM

I still don’t understand why force ghost Anakin didn’t just tell his grandson to stop being a dipshit in his name.

11/08/19 4:18PM

As a kid, my mom was religious and took us to church every Sunday, and all I remember of actually being in a church service as a kid is playing the dot game with my mom on the backs of old receipts and whatever other scraps of paper she found in her purse. Read more

11/05/19 5:30PM

I want to live in this world where a raise means more money to put toward things. This year I got a raise...and my rent went up and grocery prices went up and fuel prices went up and so on. Sure, it would have been nice to send that extra $100 a month to retirement or savings or extra fun. But, that’s just not how Read more

9/13/19 1:58PM

TBH we should give Tuvalu a supercarrier because those 10k peeps will need a place to live when their islands are underwater later this century.

6/08/18 4:53PM

There’s one in everyone’s area code. It’s the non-emergency number for the police department.

10/18/11 7:13PM

To be honest, anything a Baby Boomer says to me is automatically suspect. You idiots spent 50 fucking years sucking off the system and giving nothing back. You've left us all with a hollowed out infrastructure and a flattened financial system. So thanks for that. Don't worry, though. Your kids will clean up your mess Read more