Lord of the Ducks
Today 12:00PM

While this is all important — and yes, industry has been actively and/or passively sabotaging recycling efforts for decades — recycling is the last-ditch effort to minimize the impacts of our society. Reduce first. Reuse what you can. And then, the option of last resort, recycle anything left over. Recycle is last Read more

Today 9:17AM

Some of the best movie directors of all time have made some movies that are middling to bad. The only way to make sure that every movie you ever make is an A+ is to ... not make a lot of movies, I mean very, very few movies. This is not a particularly good business model for a movie studio. Read more

Today 8:34AM

If you look at Pixar’s output like a band putting out albums, I feel like Soul will be their Some Girls, the late period one that will be judged much more fondly over time.

Yesterday 8:55PM

They grew to be best friends. Best friends act like best friends. Fans need to stop with all the low-brow “ship” meme bullshit.

Yesterday 8:45PM

He probably could’ve phrased it better, but I agree with the underlying sentiment 100%. It’s absurd that every male friendship gets distorted into a potential gay relationship, even when there’s no evidence beyond the relationship being just a male friendship. Happens with female friendships, too (see, e.g., Read more

Yesterday 7:47PM

I’m not him (that you know of), but in re: your question:

Yesterday 6:19PM

In fairness, even George didn’t get a Summer of George.

Yesterday 3:22PM

I saw the Sylvie stuff after I made my post. It will be interesting to see how they use the character.

Yesterday 2:59PM

Never give ducks bread, bagels, crackers, or other starchy products! It is very bad for them.

Yesterday 11:05AM

And we hardly saw the kid/guy (no idea his age) who played Isaiah, but what we did see was him being standoffish to Falcon, so not a great way to judge if he’s a charismatic actor yet.

Honestly, Hailee Steinfeld alone is enough to build a movie around if they want to.

Yesterday 11:02AM

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they combined Lady Loki and Enchantress into one character. They’ve certainly done it before in the MCU (Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo, Winter Soldier/White Wolf, The Mandarin/Aldrich Killian, etc).

Yesterday 8:51AM

Yeah I don’t tip less than a dollar for anything.  If a soda costs me a buck I’m gonna be throwing 100% tips out. 

Yesterday 8:14AM

I usually give a $1 when all they had to do was open a bottle of beer, I don’t have an issue doing the same for pouring a soda. 

Yesterday 3:49AM

I think speculating is fun to a degree, but not if you let it consume you and then become outraged based on parameters you and no one else set in the first place (like the people who were furious over Evan Peters mostly just being cast as a wink and a dumb joke). Read more

Wednesday 10:42PM

I think nearly all of Marvel’s movies and TV shows fully stand on their own, plus an occasional tease exiled to after the credits. It’s internet pop culture sites that try to turn them into puzzle pieces for clicks. They’re rarely right, and even when they are, it occurs much more organically in the story than stuff Read more

Wednesday 9:24PM

When I count to 100, I don’t start with zero. Regardless, I’d consider a show debuting in 1995 “last century” even if the last season happened to dribble into 2001. And I tried Enterprise again, recently. It’s pretty much unwatchable.

Wednesday 8:35PM

I prefer to think of anything pre-2001 as LAST MILLENNIUM. That gives it an even grander scale.

Wednesday 6:14PM

If you’re not delving into the Castilian language voice-over credits to comb for clues, are you really even paying attention?