8/11/16 2:19PM

I assume he just kind of stares at you with this creepy half-intense grimace the whole time, followed by suddenly yelling “MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEAAAAD!” and then falling asleep.

5/13/16 11:35AM

Right, but when a cancer patient is receiving palliative care, we in health care know what that means. It means that any treatments to fight the cancer which make the patient uncomfortable or decrease quality of life (virtually all treatments for cancer) are off the table.

3/23/16 5:35PM

Can we all just bask in the glory of that insane Kirby flying car for a minute?

3/02/16 3:38PM

Marvel had too! The race of the character was important and long standing part of the comics and you can’t just changing that for adaptations! They would never do that!

11/19/15 2:07PM

After years of “dark, gritty” movies featuring angsty characters in unreal situations, it’s amazing to see a story that’s genuinely dark and heavy, but features characters who feel like they could be people you know in real life. Read more

10/22/14 10:55AM

It's fantastic and it's definitely a throwback. It's more survival horror than RE5 and 6 COMBINED. Don't understand all the hate. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

1/02/14 6:00PM

The moment Pa Kent tells Clark "look I'm not saying you should have let those kids die, I'm just saying, maybe you should have let them die" is a moment this character DIED.

9/12/13 3:05AM

More than that, it's a reflection of the pressures of living as a "perfect" human in Gene Roddenberry's utoptian 24th century. When you're trained to believe that your species has progressed too far to have problems, how do you react when you face up against a problem that no one can reasonably hold up against?

7/11/13 7:29PM

My theory has always been that OSC is gay, but that he thinks it's a sin and wants to purge it from himself and the world. I think that's probably the best way to explain how he wrote Ender's Game, which could almost be an allegory about growing up gay or trans. It seems like his fiction allows him to question the Read more