9/09/19 9:50AM

I just want a new Fitbit flex. I already have a watch. I just want basic fitness tracking. 

7/31/18 1:14PM

My go-to recommendation for any parents is Larry Marder’s amazing, highly underrated Beanworld. It’s weird, it’s abstract, it’s great for kids learning to read, or older kids who just want something fun. Read more

10/09/17 3:29PM

Here’s another one: What was the origami creature Gaff put down? It went by so quickly that I can’t be sure, but I think it’s Deckard’s dog...? Was there any significance there? Read more

5/02/17 9:19AM

The technology is better (much better, even), but ComiXology Unlimited is a bad service. MU is great because you can binge-read entire series. CU is designed to give you the first volumes of stuff for free, but then you have to buy the rest. I found it extremely frustrating and canceled before my free trial was up.

2/24/17 3:37PM

I play this game with my wife - we LOVE it! We finished up the base set in January, and just got the expansion. Can’t wait to jump in and try it out.

8/17/16 1:24PM

I use Overdrive with my Kindle all the time. I can’t access it on the device, but once I check out a book from Overdrive, I’m taken to Amazon’s website where it downloads directly to my Kindle.

8/10/16 10:10AM

I can’t help but think that WB is getting too much of the blame, here. It’s not like editing would have fixed the fundamental problems with this movie (lame enemies/nonsensical plot). Read more

8/02/16 2:38PM

Also, Chip Kidd (the designer) has an amazing collection of custom-made books made of original artwork. Think IDW’s Artist Editions, but made of real artwork.

8/02/16 2:36PM

At the height of his TMNT freewheeling days (back when he bought a tank and other crazy crap), Kevin Eastman used to do stuff like that. Most famously, he bought every page of Rick Veitch’s Swamp Thing #88, the issue DC Comics refused to publish.

5/05/16 12:56PM

Whether you or I agree with that or not is irrelevant. That’s what they’re negotiating. Obviously CBS thinks they’re overpaying. Read more

5/05/16 9:55AM

It’s not the actual show’s production that costs more, it’s how much WB charges CBS to license the character that they’re haggling over. Supergirl is a more valuable property than The Flash. Read more

3/21/16 1:50PM

Yeah, that scene was fun. But that other scene that was cut (and stuck into the extended version), the super-creepy “love” scene? I had to take like five showers after watching that.

3/09/16 8:18AM

My father’s cochlear implant very clearly makes him a cybernetically enhanced human.

1/25/16 1:57PM

I loved Turbo Teen as a kid. It was so incredibly bizarre, even by Ruby Spears standards. Read more

1/08/16 3:32PM

I can’t share your enthusiasm for Rogue One. It’s a Star Wars movie for people who don’t like Star Wars. Read more

11/20/15 1:54PM

Well, it did scare the crap out of me when I was a kid. That scene where the woman is turned into a robot is horrifying when you’re a child.