6/07/18 2:01AM

That is absolutely, positively, going to happen. And it’s going to give the base commander huge headaches. “My son’s tutor can’t get on the base! Where’s my pizza? My lawn is growing, where’s my gardener?” Oh, I have lived on a base and I know the blowback from people ON the base will be huge, because nobody who’s not Read more

6/07/18 12:58AM

It would be amazing if local businesses “got lost” delivering food to Fort Hamilton for a while.

6/07/18 12:47AM

Good luck with your new pizza-free lifestyle, Fort Hamilton.

6/06/18 11:06PM

This statement made me cry. This man loved her and all the complicated feelings love can entail. He seems so heartbreakingly human and devastated despite them potentially being in the process of ending their marriage. It really stuck me that despite love and success and wealth things can still be so complicated and Read more

6/06/18 12:31PM

Supporting the false equivalency that what Sam Bee said is somehow on par with what Roseanne said is such bullshit. The way we capitulate to the narrative the right constructs is part of the reason why they’re able to sell the public blatant untruths.
Read more

6/06/18 11:01AM

I think about this everyday. On the outside I am a fairly successful attorney/writer working in nonprofit in DC. I volunteer, I went to law school as a second career late in life. I travel extensively and I’m a photographer who takes pretty good wildlife shots. Read more

6/04/18 5:32PM

Yeah, the time, not so long ago, when marital rape was perfectly legal sounds so comforting that I wonder why Norman Rockwell didn’t paint one so we could wax nostalgic about it.

6/04/18 5:15PM

In 1974, he writes, Hersh heard that Nixon’s wife Pat was in hospital after being punched by her husband.

6/04/18 5:14PM

It was more like a time of ‘benevolent misogyny.’ ...I.E: “If you play by my rules, I won’t beat you too hard.”

6/04/18 5:01PM

I think those conservatives are talking about a time when women were docile & “knew their place”.

6/04/18 4:24PM

When some conservatives point to the past as a time when women were revered, respected, and safe, it’s important to remember how much of the violence and abuse was simply not noticed or recorded.

6/01/18 5:14PM

I left roller derby, for which I was a NSO, after being told that if I don’t like the male skater/photog who raped me, that I just don’t have to talk to him, but they like his photography and he’s a dues-paying member, so I, as a non-paying, non-skating official, could go fuck myself. He even gave them a written Read more

6/01/18 3:39PM

100% they don’t care. Men are not idiots. They understand the word “no.”

6/01/18 2:48PM

I mean I can’t wait for the day when men decide to stop participating in things so I can finally go to a party and not have to worry about being touched inappropriately or having gross comments made to me or being hounded around the room by some fucking dude. Oh, please, no, don’t stay home! Whatever shall we do Read more

6/01/18 2:27PM

Logic wold be not to touch women you aren’t in a relationship with inappropriately, or at all, because there is no reason to do it.

6/01/18 2:22PM

I get so angry these days whenever I hear some jackass complaining about how “nobody knows what the rules are for dealing with women now!” Read more

6/01/18 1:42PM

“Roller derby is probably one of the last places you’d expect to see a textbook example of #MeToo.”

YEh the minute it became co-ed, this should no longer have been a surprise. (Obviously still something that happened even when women only, but I’m willing to bet exponentially less so)
Sorry not sorry, I have conflicting Read more

5/31/18 12:07PM

I’m from Westchester and was pretty galled to see that article until I remembered that this magazine is 95% paid content and advertising trash. I’m sure they called up and ordered it themselves. I’m nobody and could get in this magazine pretty easily.