stop trying to make prone driving position happen, it isn’t happening Read more

Fuck these things. I had a rental RAV4 with lane-departure assist, dangerous Read more

“They should have known that I am an idiot” Read more

ah shit i’m trippin off acid Read more

My gf got a refurbished one for cheap and it’s a BAWSE Read more

Honestly expected her to say “Shut up and dribble, n****rs” Read more

Damn, that’s bad. I thought the last sentence would end with the N word. Read more

The Iron Man! The Korea guy what a badass. Read more

This is about NBC, not really the athletes, but there is some schadenfreude when they spend hours hyping some American and they fail. Like Mikaela Shiffrin tonight (not last night), Nathan Chen, Maame Biney, etc... Read more

I’m gay and the sound gave me a boner. Read more

I bet it would have been even faster if the driver wasn’t 300 lbs. Read more

No. I feel like a lot of Jalopnik writers really know very little about cars. Like when they confused highest top speed with fastest average lap speed at Le Mans. Read more

This article was written by a 12 year old who only cares about which car has a faster top speed Read more

Seeing so many hypercars from different angles and together in HD, etc. brings me to the conclusion that the Huayra and LaFerrari are the best looking Read more