Jul 25

Or this brilliant crap. The adding deleting letters and things I am not sure is entirely Kinja, as it happens to me in other places sometimes, so I think there may be something in Gboard as well.

Jul 24

I had to fill in this survey blind because there was a sticky video at the to of the viewport and a sticky ad at the bottom. Then my keyboard took up the test of the screen leaving space for 2 lines of content. Hopefully you can make sense of the inevitable typos from writing without looking! 

Jul 24

The mobile experience is so awful now that I end up giving up half the time. Between the autoscrolling autoplay video, in article adds, and the add bar at the bottom, there is barely any screen real estate left to actually read the article. All the while my phone is heating up like an oven and my battery life drains Read more

Jul 24

SO seconded! 40% of the time I come for the articles, 60% of the time is to read the comments; I’ve learned so much from both. There are some incredibly knowledgeable commenters that come to all these kinja sites. Read more

Jul 8

And lets not forget Trumps administration and family. I don`t care if they have to slap a fresh Depends on Joe every morning, it`s way more than Trump that needs to go. 

Jul 2

It’s been a slog, but it’s getting better day by day. She died in the middle of March, so it was right at the beginning of the lockdowns, but it’s been insane seeing all the people acting like they are safe, it’s no big deal, only affects old people, etc. But I guess until it hits home it’s easy to have a layer of Read more

Jul 1

Ya it’s a shame Toyota values reliability than offer a bump in power as an add-on that you pay extra for like you would on a video game.

Jun 18

Well, the PS4 slot has almost no extra length than is required to fit a standard disk. Alex’s measurement of the PS4 slot seems about right - I get 4 and 7/8 inches. A CD is 4 and 3/4 inches, so there’s 1/8" of wiggle room over all. Read more

Jun 10

Thats called being responsible.  I feel bad about a $250 car payment on my car but I am to knock it out by January provided I get put back to full scheduled hours

Jun 9

I once dated a girl who bought a used BMW 325i convertible that was clearly ridden hard and put away wet rather than the new Mazda 3 I recommended because she HAD to have the little roundel on the nose. She spent something like 25k on that pile of garbage. In spite of every obvious warning, I also noted that any used Read more

May 31

Ah, yes, because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the last few weeks, it’s that the cops can be trusted to do the right thing.

May 26

His experience is not the exception, I will just tell you that right away. Why on gods green earth would apple cheap out and make zinc screws that immediately break when you try to loosen them. I still just... zinc screws wtf. However, I still buy Apple products for my technology illiterate elderly family members as Read more

May 19

And it is American too. As an outsider it is genuinely bizarre. Probably the most exciting product to come out of the US for decades. Is it old people scared that they are now irrelevant because they can’t grasp a touch screen? Or that the man is going to take their ICE cars from them? Read more

May 19

I guarantee every single one of them have never even driven one, let alone ridden in one because the story is always the same: once you drive one it’s very hard to go back to an ICE vehicle, regardless of manufacturer. 

May 11

Your choice when buying an EV is “support Elon” or “support companies making tons of unacceptably high-emission cars”. I went with the Bolt on price, but let’s not pretend other car companies are perfect actors either.