logophobe, desperate dad
Oct 26 2016

it’s just a picture of legs that cuts to an image of a man standing in a burning house and he has a goat head and his eyes are the black of the void and then it cuts back to an image of legs with paint on them and then it’s the goat headed man and he’s closer to the foreground and I can smell sulfur and then it cuts Read more

Oct 5 2016

It’s terrifying that if this man had just a CURSORY sense of self-awareness he’d probably be elected president. Don’t even stop lying or talking about the wall or NATO or outsourcing or crooked Hillary. Just avoid half the irrelevant self-indulgent impulsive own-foot-shooting fuck-ups. Talk about how awesome you are Read more

Oct 5 2016

The fact that Mike Pence “won” the debate by lying his ass off about (or just flat out ignoring) all the crazy and deplorable shit Trump has said over the last year and a half, how poor of a businessman he is, and how stupid his proposed policies are, speaks to the sorry state of this presidential race very well. Read more

Sep 18 2016

If ever there were someone who should have read their own username before posting, by God you are that fucking person.

Sep 18 2016

I am not kidding at all when I say this devil should be fed to a shark.

Sep 18 2016

Yeah I don’t think that last line is enough. The headline – and essentially the whole post – is pretty much stirring shit like, “smile pretty, honey.”

Sep 10 2016

That’s disappointing. I hope it isn’t a sign of things to come. That email guy doesn’t have a fucking leg to stand on and capitulating to Chuck Johnson is shitty. I hope the new owners don’t take your teeth away. The Gawker blogs ability to go after sacred cows and call out bullshit is part of why we keep coming here. Read more

Sep 6 2016

Rob can rest easy. If treachery is a foot Rex always springs into action.

Sep 6 2016

Roger Ailes is so fucking sexy though. Who wouldn’t want to be his unwilling sex slave for him and his buddies? Nothing makes sense any more.

Aug 30 2016

But now who is going to lead the team on the final drive of a playoff game to a 27-yard chip shot field goal that the kicker will then miss thereby ending the Vikings season in hilariously depressing fashion? Feel like the whole game plan for the season is out the window now...