Other Sea Creatures are Available
11:33 AM

Uh oh, I hope I don’t get spoiled. I would hate to learn in advance that humans are the REAL monsters.

10:15 PM

So the sound engineers at MSNBC can finally recalibrate their sound system for normal human volume. Read more

1:54 AM

You are completely correct, and yet that fact is a deeper condemnation of many things that are true today that aren’t related to Disney - once we’re at the point of saying ‘Disney should have paid for that child’s treatment’ we as a civilization have already failed. Read more

4:20 PM

McDonalds could print their carry out containers.  Biodegradeable.

5:46 AM

The app was sound and good,” Niemira added. “All the data that was produced by calculations performed by the app was correct. It did the job it was supposed to do, which is help precinct chairs in the field do the math correctly. The problem was caused by a bug in the code that transmits results data into the Read more

8:21 AM

I’m a lifelong Who fan and I’m not pissed off at all - I loved the episode and loved the mystery it’s given us - and I don’t understand why it has upset so many people. I’ve seen a few complaints about it messing with the canon but I think if that’s your problem then you can’t be much of a Doctor Who fan or you’d be Read more

12:32 PM

Worse than the fact that he keeps spouting this shit is the fact that major networks validate him by playing up this nonsense. It highlights that Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave was right.

1:45 PM

“The figures strange plastic eyes stare at me, as if peering into my soul itself. The figure is a bizarre caricature of me, its head larger than its body as if teetering on the brink of falling off, weighed down by the burden of life itself. What knowledge does this thing contain? What wisdom? What secrets? It looks Read more

12:19 PM

There is opposite way of thinking about this where Batz was pro-trumpian agitprop. I mean who was the villain a school principal. (Education as the enemy) Who despite being public school teacher is portrayed a rich corrupt vain power hungry monster. (ie. the villain is the deep state) And what school does he run? Read more

1:43 PM

I don’t believe in the institution of marriage and human, non-furry children do not really interest me, so I guess I actually found Pam a little annoying? I love the interactions between Jim and Dwight, but I was always more of a Roy girl - what can I say?

9:31 AM

We really need to work on copyright law in this country. So many movies and television shows should have entered public domain by now. I know that Congress didn’t extend the Copyright Term Extension Act, but these things are going to be a slow trickle year-by-year, when they should have already been available.

7:17 AM

The ownership rights of powerful billionaires must be preserved against the unlawful duplication of their law-decreed property, AS decreed by the laws that they used their wealth and power to influence government to pass!
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11:04 PM

Glad to see good ol’ Michael Emerson still bringing it.

1:00 PM

We got the VHS versioni, before they cut “The love is Gone” number. They shouldn’t have, as it brings Scrooge’s path into clearer and more sympathetic life than I have seen an any other version of the story.

1:39 PM

This is how I want to remember Barack and not his current pro-business wet blanket hot take artist. Keep it up and I might start remembering how white nationalism thrived, unchecked, under his watch so all someone like Trump had to do was just show up and open the door for them.

1:47 PM

To this day Mrs Video and I use “thermal curtain failure” as an answer to “what is wrong with the car/furnace/oven/etc” around the house.

1:39 PM

To this day, every time I have to hold my breath I think about French fries.