Other Sea Creatures are Available
4:35 PM

“We need tie-in toys. Television. Movies. What you got? Hit me up!”
“Okay, err... Lucille Ball has a new sitc...”
“Enough with the Lucille Ball ideas! Come on! There’s gotta be something else!”
“Okay, well.. what about that show Star Trek?”
“Star what now?”
“Star Trek. It’s a science fiction show.”
“Oh like flying Read more

9:16 AM

Obligatory mention of Dead Set, Charlie Brooker’s (Black Mirror) zombie miniseries in the UK that used the real Big Brother as a backdrop for the zombie apocalypse.

4:56 PM

Ever since the Time-War arc came to an end (for the second time) in the 50th anniversary I have felt the show has lacked a good strong hook to its wider mythos. It’s often hard for a very old established franchise to construct new and meaningful chunks of lore to shape the show beyond constantly referencing “classic” Read more

2:13 PM

While it is true that ‘The Muppets’ is a reality based documentary, the creators tried to play with audience expectations of what a factual production can be by including the fantastical science fiction character of “80s Robot.” The robot is a metaphor for America’s inability to process the fact that muppets are real

7:57 PM

There was some suggestion for a while that this episode was inspired by an Anne Rice novel, which also led to a minor conspiracy theory/urban legend in the fandom that Anne Rice had actually written the episode under a pseudonym, (the story is credited to a freelance writer and fan Jeanna F. Gallo.) This is all very Read more

4:53 PM

Okay, if they’re bringing him back then I also think it’s high time that William Donloe got his revenge for spending the last 24 years in an Alaskan radar station..

6:42 AM

This. I also don’t believe that it’s a question of pushing what sells. There are a lot of recent examples in TV and film of slower paced thoughtful Science Fiction doing really well.

I would love to see a Kelvin Star-Trek movie that had the pace of something like The Martian. Where most of the movie is them thinking Read more

2:57 PM

Remember Rick Rolling? The concept is much the same. The first time you see the meme it is weird and random but as longer and more elaborate versions are made it takes on a new dimension. Whether or not it is funny really depends on your reaction to that growing repetition.