yellow bird
11:20 AM

Sigh. I never said wealth wasn’t an advantage. You said, “A black guy with that much money would get the same treatment.” I disagreed. You are misstating my argument to make it easier to refute. If you think race is irrelevant in the justice system as long as people are rich, you are mistaken.

9:51 AM

Or an addict. White guys love to hide behind drug and alcohol addiction when they end up doing something fucked up (see Mel Gibson). Funny, I’ve been drunk and high and never once did I get to urge to yell the N word or put my dick where it should not go.

9:42 AM

Even when the “mental illness” is sociopathy or pedophilia, which are not mental illnesses.

9:25 AM

The attorneys reported that Granacher found “weak evidence” of pedophilia and pronounced Fogle “very treatable.” Read more

1:36 PM

My brag? I just landed a very cool job with an exciting title and even though my snake-like coworkers are trying to sew seeds of self-doubt and fertilize it with their bullshit, I am walking around with a smile on my face and being super friendly in that passive way a northern-midwesterner only can be. :DDDDDDD

4:20 PM

I really liked this piece — I think it does a good job of bringing out some nuances around trying to be a good, diligent partner. That said, I really need to point out some trends in the comments section that are representative of what happens in every comments section on the topic of sexual behavior. Read more

7:29 PM

What is wrong with these people that they will comb through years of people’s commenting history? They need to get a life. And anyone that chooses to associate with them is equally disgusting.

5:29 PM

You choose to spend your time in a place whose specialty and sole focus is heaping scorn on women at best, and at worst, is engaging in long, ongoing campaigns of the most gendered, vitriolic nastiness possible targeted at specific people. Read more

2:24 PM

Hey Story. When I discovered GOMI, I didn’t judge you for hanging out there. I even thought you were cool for doing so under your normal name. But reading the screenshots from yesterday, I changed my view. If you continue to chat with those nasty pieces of shit who are engaged in a concerted harassment campaign Read more

11:31 AM

HFP actually tweeted about your reconciliation, I remember that and she seemed like she was in a good place about it. If the two of you have moved on, it’s not really anyone else’s place to care. I think the way they talk about you is vile, cruel, and blatantly un-feminist. The non-stop abortion bullshit is Read more

11:46 AM

No, what she was supposed to do was have a c-section scheduled, and take the dog to the vet at the first sign of labor starting. 80% of french bulldogs require c-sections - why would a first-time mother carrying seven pups be in the 20% that is an exception? This is equivalent to a human with pre-ecclampsia trying to Read more