Jan 22 2016

There should be a special state law that says if you make a delivery guy deliver without tipping him in the middle of a storm, he should legally be able to throw you down the stairs. The higher up you live, the more steps he gets to use.

Jan 19 2016

That Talenti shit is delicious, I’d shill for them too if I had the chance.

Jan 19 2016

All very interesting, but I’m nowhere closer to understanding why Julia Louis Dreyfus is doing Old Navy ads.

Jan 15 2016

I dd a 1981 Scirocco S (about 50 miles per day). It’s so much more fun that driving a boring econobox to work. Plus, it’s paid off and most likely appreciating as I drive it.

Jan 15 2016

I had a friend that autocrossed a Mk1 Scirocco with a Drake SuperVee engine. Had to remove the rain tray to make the velocity stacks fit. Made incredible sounds at full throttle.

Jan 12 2016

3. Tom Brady snapped at him when he tried to pull Brady’s face out of a bag of dog treats he left lying around. Read more

Jan 6 2016

Please keep comments to this article limited to puns using the competitor’s name.

Jan 5 2016

A handgun? Greg Hardy keeps more than that in his ottoman